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It. Almost kind of helps that he was Kinda shot hotshot at in this position because you don't really get a chance to miss them because we really haven't got to see him as the guy whereas cody has win lose or draw whether it's the MGM matches or we doesn't have a a w title match Jericho feud or this TNT open challenge run he's been integral to every part of a e W. So I'm really interested to see how they deal with his return. I big right off of a character that they've done. And I love the Kinda like how they deal with it like I love to see how you know they give them the triple h treatment where he's you know the show him training in a gym and like working out running on a sand and. Screaming, Drago like before he comes back or do they just. You just pop up and surprise. The dark order one day and just like go nuts like I'm really I'm really interested to see how they do it because he's He's a big star. I'm Pretty Jerko. Obviously has the legacy omegas probably the the you know the Internet favorite. The young bucks are the young bucks but cody is their biggest star. So I I I love to see how they're going gonNA work his and I guess if you come out of John, the positive Jon Moxley cody roses their biggest thing. I love to see how they how they handle this. Yeah I think you're probably right although I do think that I mean I think that as far as storylines go cross is going to be the main event then exte- for the next whatever three months six months I'm like that. So I think there's a real whole there and I think there's a whole vacant patch because inex- e you know both these shows are good top to bottom right I mean both these whenever they do a big show a big card. They. Oh, it's. It's usually not the main event that you leave talking about the next day. They have so much good stuff but I don't know. I. Think I think that I think that cross is GonNa be is GonNa be missed I. Think we're we're we doing the hard pivot back to the NFC. It was kind of the norm a few ago and that's not a bad thing at all. It's actually it's a really good thing. But it's very different thing in a way that I don't know if he's going to feel different when you tune in I, mean I think cody's they're gonNA. Show you know talk about cody being beat up and and that will still be part of the story. I think cross might be well whatever I'm across might be gone forever from xt we take this last night but you know there's a there's a funny little parallel between him and Finn I think probably people were talking about One the universal Thailand had to relinquish it right away when he got called up, but there's other interesting parallel speaking of guys holding the big dials drew who was down.

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