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Komo news. Your money at twenty and fifty past the hour on KOMO news. After getting off to a slow start the trading week ended on a high note with stocks closing higher on Friday for the week. Dow thirty game just thirty one points closing at twenty four seven thirty seven the broader s and p five hundred actually lost six points for the week while the broadest index of US stocks, the standard and Poor's total market index was off four points or essentially flat. The NASDAQ joined the Dow posting a small weekly gain rising about seven points interest rates fluctuated all week but ended close to where they were last Friday with tenure Tino yielding just under two point eight percent and US. Crude oil dropped a bit less than fifty cents a barrel to fifty three dollars and sixty cents. Locally. A better than expected earnings report propelled Starbucks more than three dollars per share higher to close the week at sixty seven dollars a share. I'm Don McDonald? Komo news. Your political insights from ABC news, President Trump reaching agreement with congressional leaders to reopen the government for three weeks the deal contains no money for the president's desired wall on the southern border over the next three weeks. Trump said he expects congress to come up with a broader agreement on border security policy, if they failed Trump said he may choose to shut down the government, again longtime Trump friend and adviser Roger stone appeared in court in Florida after an early morning arrest at his home special counsel. Robert Muller filed a seven count indictment against down five counts of lying to congress one count of obstruction and one of witness tampering the charges center on false statements. He made to the house and Senate intelligence committees about his ties to the website WikiLeaks and non-emergency American diplomatic personnel are leaving Venezuela after President Nicolas Maduro broke off relations with Washington and ordered American personnel out. The United States has rejected Madero as the country's legitimate leader announcing its support for one way, the head of the country's national assembly. And those are your political insights. Allie Rogan ABC news. A federal judge wants to hear more about the alleged lies of President Trump's former campaign, chairman is ABC's. Aaron Katersky tells us the judge wants to hold a hearing February fourth before she decides whether Paul Manafort breached his plea agreement by lying, the special counsel, Robert Muller. The judge expressed some doubt all of the statements Manafort made amounted to crimes, but she also said there were instances where Manafort lied, pure and simple. Prosecutors have said Manafort misled them about his contact with the Trump administration and with a business associate tied to Russian intelligence that offense has said manafort's simply lacked consistency. The special counsel said it does not plan to charge Manafort with additional crimes, but did not fully rule it out Aaron Katersky. ABC news, New York. The average person checks their phone one hundred fifty times a day. I would child is a plane Minnesota gives themselves.

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