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Home when at least one of them started firing that little girl was hit in the arm, the adult in the back. His condition is unknown and the little girl is going to be okay at least physically. It's sad to see our children go through this because when they do we do, it's sad and it's the way we seem to live here in Chicago. Please still haven't given any more information about either of these two shootings. No arrests have been announced in either case. Chicago police meantime may have found the driver from a fatal hit and run on a construction zone along to Sabu lakeshore drive Friday night. CWB Chicago reports police are questioning a woman about the hit and run that killed 45 year old Kenneth Hernandez Friday night. The news site cites a police source that says a black Volvo with the same license plate number was involved in another hidden run at Irving and claritin. That was allegedly shortly after the driver hit Hernandez as he stood next to a street sweeper near Belmont and lakeshore, and before the source says the Volvo crashed near Lawrence and Sacramento at around 1 a.m.. Nancy hardy, one O 5 9, wbm. There is another case of legionnaires disease at the Illinois veterans home in Quincy. The Illinois department of public health and the Illinois Department of Veterans confirmed the case in officials say, while it is an isolated case, the residents will be monitored closely for at least the next two weeks. The resident who has legionnaires experienced mild symptoms and is doing well. But since 2015, at least 14 of the Quincy homes veterans have died from legionnaires and more than 60 others have gotten sick, legionnaires is a form of pneumonia usually spread by breathing in small droplets of water in the air that contains the bacteria. Terry kessner one O 5 9, wbm. A far west suburban greenhouse is cleaning up following recent storms. Hail from the April 4th storm caused big damage at schaefer greenhouses on route 31 in Montgomery, the golf ball sized hail shattered

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