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This message is brought to you by sanford health mostly sunny skies are expected for the souvaltzi shot an area today as we want to near forty six degrees this afternoon with northwest wins at about five to fifteen miles per hour then tonight may see a few clouds moving in from the northwest overtures fall to the upper 20s ones will shift to the south that means tomorrow the even warmer with highs which in the low 50s with partly cloudy skies for the call and loved up hd stormcenter time grant smith michael savage weeknights aid to elaborate kelo newstalk 1320 1079 it wasn't giving up we have some tech miss that you shouldn't be believe we have a great app actually 3grade aps said you should be using in your spare time and such they wasting money on facebook or wasting time rather on facebook and then we are in say goodbye to a a beloved guy judge it forever it's going to be very very sad time microsoft announced the phone lines are open one triple eight eight two five fifty two fifty four and is it true andrew you're getting the text from your wife i am what is she saved the contract her contractions started and there are a little stronger and different than from before cage just keeping me on notice the do unknowns my inlaws are taking care of my son to this might be happening i have the 28th so yet so we need to have this baby i mean we how much money and my brining on this i was you weren't gonna get into the of you on you just got it was the listeners and the chat room oh for the tv show they would get some kim commandos ragbag it is good news get bragging rights okay so um because we have the still have that bit bout francis yes i will watch ele weeks see how can one night sure i will do that you know that super bowl was two years ago were you lost the bed to watch my son well you.

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