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By the way, fourth of Australia is a Richie super IT liquor. You should go to liquidity. The alcoholic bit, but all on board for that. For that. No problem pastas, great pastas. Ricardo don't call it a comeback. It's 56 over to you tech rabbits, 7th brony team one, 8 spa rain, then comes Michael please, Magnussen's Minsk marble no longer sponsor of the show. T AI confidence. This one. I will pass the top ten anyway. I'm not obliged to read the rest of them, but there are a lot in there. Marzipan GP, one of my favorite one there in the top 15 of their bats. And that's really gone Dan hall in 16th. Many other names, many other names. In fact, only the overall standings I have declined further, 412 is the good team, wonderful lounge. And remember how we used to type in and in the standings of people with mcginley's in there. In the standings of people with liquor in their name, it's very much bookended because in second place, liquor Lando Norris, great name, deservedly a sort of P two in the standings and then the super IgA is fourth. Then we sort of get to realize of which is very unfair given a top partners and of course the second place. So they're pretty likewise. So while Bill M is holding the force in the liquor land standings in 526th place, which I believe is three less than last place. Ramesses, liquor land, idly, no orland. 489 points. Very good, yes. Actually, we shouldn't consider some of these. I'm like, I quite like some of these names. Emerson Fittipaldi liquor. It's very good. I'll do liquor very good, because you couldn't say maybe more of a spell that joke. We've also got I'm not going to read that one, obviously. We give these land of lico is very good. That will actually color read most of these words. I regret that we get to this wormhole. It's a rabbit hole. You're going to look for yourself. Just type liquor in the search box of formula begin. Seems like an opt an opportune time, in fact, to tell you that if you seek a hearing like a land ads. But why would you be? They're great ads and we do a good job of reading them and you won't get out of this segment anyway. You can get an ad free version of box of neutral if you go to the website and hit the subscribe button, you get a special ad free podcast feed. For the low low price of four 99 a month, all that money comes pretty much directly

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