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Oh, yeah. I'm here. I think that really changed the, you know, at least in the first half anyway change the momentum because yeah, the blazers took the opening got their first they wanted to toss. Relax receive. They drove fifty one yards on the ground again. And that kind of a grinding out offense. It wasn't a fancy offense. Jim strong Tommy Reiman or or hammered away at the at the uh at the at the Americans defense really ripped off one run of twenty four yards. You got to the five or even start around. Right. Ed dole for the for the end zone. And like you said it looked like he he'd crossed the goal line broken plane as they say and before he fumbled the ball, but they called it a touch back to the ball with through. It taught me reamin said as he crossed the goal line. He would sit and he fell the ball drop to the ground rolled out of the end zone. So the television replay like you said confirmed the score, but the official order to touch so again. That change they the complexity of least the first half where they fell behind because I think that you know, they were you know, changed the momentum. They had that mobile. They had scored that touchdown. Like, you said it could've been a whole different ballgame. It could have been a ball game where the blazers were, you know, get down early lead take the to the crown out of the game. And who knows where it went went into like, you said, it could've been a even more in inspirational an amazing story, then if they won the game, especially on road in Birmingham. But you know, it was not to be was again, and, you know, against that us against them kind of a mentality that you know, it seemed like everybody was against them. The whole the world seem to be against is just us. But you know, brand was marina team didn't get that twenty to nothing lead on the blazers. Again, they in Bob Davis back. He was back from the injury. They came back and. And scored twenty one points toward the end of the you know in all of them in the last last quarter Davis hadn't even completed the past till the the first day of the first plane last quarter. And he like you said had a seventy six yard putt returned by Ron foster who took it on his own twenty four when all the way and that brought them within one point the difference in the game was that the American scoring in action point, which was the extra point they used in the WFL. You couldn't kick it you had to use a runner pass for it. And he blazers couldn't convert on their action points. That was really the difference in the game was just an excellent point. But if they had that touchdown stand up at the beginning of the at the game. Like, you said who knows it could have been a completely different story, even more consideration and more amazing that they would have won the championship after it happen to. All right. So let's finally talk about the aftermath then after this game after in the weeks after. What happens to the magic? Check of Bob Prentice. What happens to the team? Give us a sense of sort of were winds up. And I guess I'll give you a little hint here or little setup that there was a great quote..

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