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Kerr fired still getting worked in the right lane it's been put out to but they still just at that blocked off again he landed in the Gulf because windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center thunderstorms coming into the weekend forecast you know something's gotta give with the weather this warm and here comes the cold front swing through Texas for the weekend looks like we do turn cooler for new year's day the senators in the mid sixties for tonight isolated thunderstorms for Saturday's special in the afternoon and evening I temperatures in the mid seventies for Saturday and then morning rains on Sunday sixty eight Monday sunshine sixty four I'm Scott Lori more the weather channel at sixty six an overcast at the Cape parrots nasco gaming weather center Harris County sheriff's deputies are outside of the layer at FM nineteen sixty and cypress would drive or two men have been shot after exchanging gunfire one has died and the other is that the hospital in an unknown condition legendary radio host seventy nine year old don Imus died today at a hospital in college station Texas a and M. Aggies take on the Oklahoma state cowboys and the Texas ball in Houston's NRG stadium kick office set for five forty five with the game on ESPN now more of the best of the Michael berry shall I'm Marjorie Martin on Houston's news weather and traffic station newsradio seven forty K. terror H. during this season of adventure sales event had Land Rover Houston central by was zero down zero for seventy two and may zero payments for ninety days on every new Land Rover exclusively at Land Rover Houston central visit Land Rover Houston dot net for details by reading the moon bring in twenty twenty with the iconic songs of all this simply presents enough vocalist and pianist Tony this channels all the time was met Frank Sinatra.

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