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Welcome back to the gym Bowhead. It showed 18665, Jimbo and 866554626 says. We talk in this portion of the program with Adam Razuri. Who was a digital marketing and big tech expert. Let's look at the section 2 30 of the Communications Decency Act, which essentially says that we have In this instance. Uh, think entities that are not publishers. As such, so they're just passing on what other people are saying? Should that act or the section 2 30 portion of that act, the Communications Decency Act be repealed or amended, Or what would you like to see done? You know, Jim, I would definitely like to see a lot more definition added to what is permissible what is not permissible. I would like to see details around how enforcement actions can be taken part can be actually executed. Um, right now, It's just so broad that it allows the social media companies to really just, uh I struggled to say, get away with murder, but I mean, figuratively, you know, And so I think Making a lot more, um, specifically the actual language that's written. I think it may be part of a move towards the right the right solution, But the thing is, is You know, we've seen a lot of discussions take place amongst our legislators. We've seen actions taken by taken by state governments like Florida and Texas and others. We've seen. States' attorneys general filed suit against these these big taking elites. You know, there's been a lot of activity towards changing how things are done. And still, we're here today and nothing actually solved where we're sitting here looking at a midterm election coming up next year. And President Trump himself is forbidden from social media until the month after the election, So you know nothing That's happening fast enough. And so that's I think a big problem for us The thing that I think we kind of have to observe here is that The reality of big tech today points to some bigger societal issues that I think we kind of have to come to terms with. And it's this idea of corporatism and this this convergence of the big tech elite and those who are empowered the government. Coming together to sort of maintain the status quo of the political power structure. Uh, if we're gonna change section 2 30. I don't see it doing anything that's going to help influence the midterm elections. But You know, Jim, I hope I answered your question. Adding more definition to it. Uh, I think my biggest concern Yeah. Uh, 18665 Oh, Jimbo 1866554626. It does at times seemed to be an uneven playing field. Very much so very much so. And you know what? Naturally, too, right? I mean, these are organizations that will tremendous power. And so when you have, you know, the voice of a few trying to shout out at the The wall. That is big tech. You know, it's like you don't even feel like you're being heard. So it almost feels like this David and Goliath type of battle. Um and thankfully, we do have voices in our in our government today, like Thomas Massey, who are trying to carry the torch and to lead Lead us towards meaningful reform. But we're just not there. Yet. Parlor is back now, is it not? It's back. It's back. But you know, man with a product like that. It's just When you're when you're trajectory is solid and you are growing aggressively. And then all of a sudden your your legs are kicked out from beneath you for a small business like that, for a start up, you know, to lose that kind of momentum to lose that kind of steam. It's really, really detrimental to the growth trajectory of a small, uh, business like that. So Yeah, Parlor is back today, but it's really, really not what it was before the election. Will probably be what it was before the election being number one in the APP store again. Hard to say, you know, there are other competitors in the market, which are worth exploring. There's Jason Miller, Get her up, GTR. There's also cloud hub, which is another competitor that tries to be a champion from free speech. So you know, while there are options out there, um I don't know if collar is ever going to be where it was going to before. Well, what it sounds like we're talking about here is restraint of trade, and that's a federal law violation where the antitrust laws Yeah. Where are they? Right. We've had any trust lawsuit Teenaged, But, uh, again, timing Nothing is happening happening at the right speed. I don't know that anything's going to happen in a meaningful way before the midterms and maybe not even till the next the next big election in 24. Here is a call from Steve and and gear. North Carolina. Good evening. A Mr Jimbo and your guest. Uh, conversation you've been talking about if you really want to get something happened quickly and probably being the Supreme Court before year would be over. Just reverse everything around as analogy and do the opposite. And let's pretend that there was a Facebook. Uh, platform. This mindset was coming from a conservative point of view. And the fact check and conservative point of fact, check it. And the censorship that they were doing was coming from conservative. It would take no time. Forward to the probably all the way to the United States Supreme Court. About senselessly ship. Back to the mat. Uh, happen. Yeah, I think he's onto something, you know. Can you imagine if President Trump were to jump on board with one of these social media apps and you know all the fun pictures? In fact, checkers for that particular application? I mean, my goodness. Yeah, I bet something quick would happen at that point. You make a good point. All right, more to come. 18665 Oh, Jimbo 1866554626 and will continue in just a moment. When the forgotten poor.

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