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More than a normal player. Now, who is in the League and probably still has hit he created his own foundation, the job foundation that he funds himself. Over Because you want people telling them what to do with the money but San Thakin. That's been all right. Yeah. We're we're officially curtis Martin Bog Ath-. Yeah. It's really hard. So stand on my hate Curtis Martin so Fox and I still remember his first ever carry as New England patriot. When for like twenty yards, thirty yards on this I touch yet. Yeah. This guy special. I WANNA I wanna can we all go around here and formally apologize Occurs Smart? Called missy word on one, podcast. I called Him Judas and Yeah I. Honestly. Holidays. Yeah. Soccer and this little apology to Curtis Martin. Let's that'd be human. He has mistakes I have a quote here from. The dwelling of man. Beard. Told you. From. Chad Pennington. Talking about. He wonders that if the trade for Tim Tebow could be the thing that pushes Mark Sanchez to another level. So it's not like the man is like perfect in any means Oh this is Curtis Martin. Yeah. So we've got a great Georgia town that's fine. Be Right not a scout. No the Banos like all right. Why can't like I still bitter about the whole thing right? I'm not going to be at you have to you have to I I just want. To something else can redirect the anger I'm not GONNA go. That's human emotion. That's. Right come to terms with my anger. Bill, let's just redirected at somebody else I have the perfect and if you read it more into, it's clearly bill parcells fault Argh it to me. So speaking of which Every time we talk about bill parcells from here on out I just like to remind everybody that his name is actually dwayne Charles Parcels. Bill because there was another bill and everybody called him that may confuse them so just Fuck it was easier. So dwayne Charles parcells. Martin said if it wasn't for Dwayne, he would have gone so far as take a pay cut to think about that. That was right. He was willing to take a picture to say New England. Tom Brady. Tom Brady in Curtis Martin, in two, thousand, two, thousand, one, two, thousand, and three, thousand, four, two, thousand, five like would it have been the same? I think it would've been better. Yeah. I mean Anton Smith is not. He's I if anything he's like close to equivalent but I I don't think anyone would argue is better more talented than Curtis Martin Curtis. Martin. poising locker room using it was also yeah. It was Antwan Smith like at the end of his career to like how would you play two, thousand, one, thousand, two and that was it then Cordell and came in?.

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