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I'm offering us some tips to helping the people around. You realize. Your true value to. Be able to recognize it You know oftentimes you might be in relationships where it's a marriage or boyfriend or girlfriend or maybe it could be a, best friend or friend or even could be a work relationship where it seems that the people around us devalue us They take away from our value they don't see our intrinsic value and they treat us like that It's like they don't have as much respect for us or they. Don't show us respect it's kind of. Like we get the short end of the stick every time we? Almost feel like we're. The doormat so how do you, get people, around you to realize your. Value right before the break I was, talking about the concept show it be it and live. It that's the way I live, my life show it. Be it and it we gotta show ourselves that's the part. Of the show show. Ourselves by ourselves what we do show ourselves that we actually. Care about ourselves we can't make changes. We can't get respect from other people until we do. This this is this is the whole steppingstone. This is how we get there for me, to be so we gotta show ourselves that we care, and that begins with doing everything in moderation creating a healthy. Diet like I was just talking. About and I was beginning to talking about limiting your alcohol intake You, know I've realized that oftentimes? We get into these toxic patterns because you're surrounded by a, lot of. People who drink and and I recently and you'll get a kick out of this and. If you've been listening to the show for why you'll you'll kind of laugh. About this so I recently did a. Cleanse and I didn't drink for about twenty one days okay twenty? One days and it. Was interesting okay day one I, had to, go to a birthday party. Which is fun and there was a, DJ and to start bars and didn't have anything and. Then I had to go to, happy hour things with. Some folks and then I went and had dinner with some. Of my neighbors who. Opened some really awesome bottles of wine that I couldn't partake. In and it was interesting to see. The way that people acted around me some people tended. To drink more over drink I've never seen. It in my life I mean like seriously, like I'm like have you had enough yet because I. Think you've had about fifteen and I've had none but whatever And then? There were other people who decided that they were going to, drink less And I thought that interesting too I don't know if they drink, was because I wasn't drinking was probably more? The case or if they were thinking why do I. Need to drink that much doesn't really need to put either way doesn't really matter but I was at the, restaurant and I survey the entire room and. There was I was the. Only one not drinking and the restaurant was completely full the restaurant was completely full I was the only person and an entirely full restaurant every single chair. Taken every. Single booth every single. Table every single seat at the bar taken. Full that's it that's all. She wrote I got up to go to. The bathroom as I survey the land I realized that every single person was drinking I was the only person that was drinking topa Chica que and I remember We looked out and there were a. Couple of people in wheelchairs. And one man couldn't really use his arms in his hands and so the woman took the Moscow mule Cup up to his mouth with a straw so. He could. Drink his vodka drink. Now I was beginning to feel kind of. Like what like on my. Own like the wolf pack of one okay. And it was a really tough deal I mean getting up that doing that I mean sticking to it And I took it day by, day and on Mont, saying you gotta stop coal what you got to go on at twenty one day. Cleanse because Burgess did? It but you know what I..

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