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Fresh. That's because you have to milk cucumbers. All that bitterness coming out so there's ECOMMERCE tastes so fresh. Nipping looking guy is not gross. Oh, this great plate a pimple to. If we milk each other, we'll just get all that bitterness out. Only to find out only one way to find out milkman cucumber. Let's see how bitter I am now, kids. Let's. Let's end on a very cool story. From, MSNBC last night a retired nurse, Teresa Francisco She is actually leaving the hospital where she she nursed for thirty nine years after recovering from covid nineteen, so this is her talking about the experience, and then after that we can hear her leaving the hospital and getting cheered I listen, there s here. On the Mount Sinai For thirty years. I retired Yes January Tony. Now. I came back to Mount Sinai. Go nineteen patient. And I've been here since March twenty seven. And a mockery out early today. Oh! And, then what did you serve leaving? Oh. Wow Yeah! What a wonderful way! What a wonderful way to leave Mount Sinai. Go back to your life for her. And all the year. She put in there as a nurse. That's really great. Thank you Garrett very much. No problem. Go Milky Cucumber. Don't don't do it in front of the kids. No, no, no! The, bathroom Thank you Garrett. That was great. I loved hearing that sound all right Let's take a break by the way we do have Katy Perry or new song conversation with her in the zoom room, coming up and coming up next. Family,.

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