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Stories. I'm your host Eric Lupo today. I have two incredible women as my guests. I have Elizabeth Barry, and she is a powerhouse in a force to be reckoned with in the business and marketing world, she's an exceptional and revered business coach and consultant to both entrepreneurs and executive women, and she's a happy, healthy female to know in general. She is also written two books about ego and vulnerability, and I'm very excited to have Elizabeth here. Good morning, Elizabeth good morning. Thank you. So very much. And in addition, I have today, Tina Powell Tina Powell good morning to you. Good morning. Erica. It's morning. Elizabeth great to be back. It's great to have you. Tina is also on our program weekly with her tina's tips. Tina is the CEO of C suite social media, digital marketing and social media consultancy for the financial services industry with over twenty years of hands on digital marketing campaign and strategy Tina has been on the show before and welcome back Tina and Elizabeth is tina's business coach. So what a nice synergy we have in here today. Welcome both view Yukio. So how long have you been a business coach? And how did you get into this field? I have spent over fifteen years as a marketer as well. So fifteen years owning my own strategic marketing agency, consulting, entrepreneurs and CEOs, and recently, I have been turning more towards the coaching and consulting side. I really enjoy. The empowerment aspect and letting the branding turn into building the positive brand of the person if I can build brands that their customers can believe in then why not go directly to the people at the brands to allow them to believe in themselves. That's really exciting. So how do you get your clients? They they had me. Yes. I've just been recently putting myself out there and starting an Email newsletter. I'm starting a podcast. I have a new book coming out in two thousand nineteen I'm communication and ego. And tell me all about that. So so yes, so I've been focusing on the ego. Right. So I I I want to talk about ego healthily because as a coach and a consultant to powerful, female, executives and leaders. They're the ones that get it. They're the ones that dive deep down inside of themselves and can say I was. Wrong. I have this weakness, and they want to learn and they want to grow. And it is only when you see that ego. And you say wait a minute, I'm gonna fix that. So that's where this bringing ego healthily into conversations has kind of come about manifested. Now, it's interesting. Do you find that women are easily able to deal with an ego versus men accepting of that? Interestingly enough, I have been working with quite a few men, but I really enjoy working with women because powerful women get it. They can say I wanna be a better leader. And the good ones that really know how to lead know that they can't do it alone. And they have to get that strength women in their forties and fifties and sixties they get it through for that personal evolution and transformation. It's funny. Tina shaking her head. Yes. I want. I want to hear has that. Is that something that you can connect to absolutely as she was talking about the whole concept of ego and volubility, and I I learned it through Elizabeth when I did my first headaches talk. So Elizabeth is a FedEx curator seventeen I think you have seventeen talks underneath your belt. So that's where her and I first met. So I do have a tax talk out there. Bridges went to build and went to burn and I had to learn to get comfortable with vulnerability in throwing myself out there, and I became a much better leader. And I think that others saw me and a light that was different than the usual, norm. And when you can release that full when you can be totally and completely vulnerable and just show up with you know, as I call it the good the. Bad and the ugly. The ugliest not such a bad thing either. You know, we need all we need a combination of all three in our life. But most people only see especially on social media. And I you know, I do a lot of social media. And so it's all of that positive positive positive when you're vulnerable you show the other different angles. And it's so important especially to as we as we become better leaders and as we become better versions of ourselves. Absolutely. What is your book called, by the way minute book that my the book that I have out right now is called own your vulnerability? It's four women for women. I actually wrote a men's version I interviewed sixty men in two thousand sixteen so valid becoming out, but my new book that will be released in early January is called the kind communicator these two books that you have how do we get them Amazon. I tunes kindle them on your ability is available right this minute on Amazon and itunes as well as kindle and then. The kind communicator will be put out there and early January. Those are great. So people kind of use them as a bible so to speak to help them guide them in their in their business world. That's really neat. How long did it take you to write these books? The first book we were just talking earlier about Aspen. I wrote my book Casten I lived there. Right after college. And I didn't know how to ski. I did. I did I lived in Aspen for a year out of college went to Roger Williams. Didn't know what I was going to be did know what I was going to do my parents encouraged me to just go, and I did and what an experience I can't wait to get back. Yes. For Aspen Aspen for me was the same. I wasn't a skier. I I'm a Yogi. So I went out there, and I hung out in the hot tubs. And my bikini went and did yoga and the top of the mountain, and I sat there I went to Aspen, and I also went to just different places around the United States to sit by fireplaces. So it took me about three months. This cramped book took about four months. Yeah. That's four years. Three fours right out of my. I'm I have four bucks to put out in two thousand nineteen. Well, how are already written and then it's just really honing in on them. And I look at my upcoming podcast in my book says sharing my soul and sharing my spirit. I love working individually with people like Tina, and with any woman out there who was looking for an executive business coach to hold them accountable, but working without one on one I wanna make a larger ripple in the ocean of life and being able to share my soul through these books to help empower women a right because most most of us are powerful leaders. What we hold ourselves back, even I see myself avenue, Mary, you're right. So it's it's really great to have that accountability. Coach that puts you in the spotlight and says, you can do this, and you are fabulous. How often do you meet with your clients once a week? How long usually an hour an hour. And then I do an e I call it an e follow up. I've kind of. I wanted to say something about the follow up. And that is the E mail in the notes that you get after the meeting, and what I literally said to Elizabeth was that, you know, what you're writing the chapters of the book about me. And so I love it because I can also see the progression of my own journey. And as you were talking about, you know, look, it's our own thinking that holds us hostage. A lot of times has nothing to do with the other people around you it is you yourself. And so I look at those notes, and I'm like, wow. Thank you very much for helping to write the bible of me. That is so great how long have you been working together? Well, so if you go back to our tax we've been working to gather for since August of two thousand seventeen but in so Elizabeth coached me through that whole process as well. So since August of two thousand seventeen what is checks, so our listeners. So Ted ex is an acronym. Ted is an acronym for technology, entertainment, and design, and when you see the X next to the Ted it is an actual independently organized Ted event, so I own the licensed to host and curate Tech's Hoboken events. I've also had the license for FedEx Upper West side women when I lived on the Upper West side for a year. And of course, I did one up there just even for a year living in the city, and I always do the women's events. Because again, I really I'm good with the ladies. That's crazy. With the ladies. Also to show up. So man, so it was a text women event in HOGAN. But there were I wanna say there were at least forty percent male speakers. They're they're very curious. Very curious. Let me know when they're going on. I wanna go period. Yeah. I I do my events bring everybody to a childlike state of curiosity and freedom, and we draw with crayons and this particular event. My my latest event was just held on Saturday morning from nine thirty to twelve thirty and people wrote letters to each other. And they didn't even know they were writing a letter, and they were going to receive it at the end, and they held up how they show up in life off the same time. And nobody knew anything there was a yoyo expert and just lots of surprises in fun. Yeah. With mine. There was a whole entire marching band. Out of nowhere entire like, thirty forty people. That is awesome. Yes. That is really great. So having a business coach like Elizabeth has really changed your way of running your business. I think what it has done is it just changes the way that I show up to business. And so there are certain entrepreneurship is a sport. And that's how I look at it. And so I think we need to treat business like sport in the same way that Tiger Woods and other professional athletes have coaches around them to help perfect other parts of their game. I know that there was something that I needed from the outside that again, we hold ourselves hostage which are with our own way of thinking, I wanted the inflection of new ideas of a new point of view, and especially wanted to coach that was my vertebral vertical. That understood what is it like to run a digital marketing consultancy because it is. Is challenging it is really hard. So Elizabeth has been instrumental in just helping me to see solutions for everyday challenges that I wouldn't have necessarily normally fought of. That's amazing. So whether what other kind of businesses, do you work with what other women from what other types of the know? It's been interesting. I've been sought out by women like Tina who on marketing agencies and who are coming out of the gate and saying I actually need help. I need a process. I don't have a process. I did know I didn't have a process until everything kind of fell. And I always tell them that this is the most beautiful time to work together. Because there's no place to go except for up when you're on the ground. I love that..

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