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Time again for the main sini sleep world six day forecast enjoy huge savings at Manzini sleep world's best buys mattress sale visit sleep world dot com we check back with their and persistent chats for a light rain in the South Bay as we go through the rest of Tuesday night and into early Wednesday but it'll be about as impressive as what we saw this afternoon in other words not very couple hundreds of an inch of rain but it's kind of nice to see the sky cloud over and at least some rain drops falling from the sky for some of us daytime highs today were quite warm tomorrow we're going to notch the temperatures down just a few degrees it'll still be warm for the rest of this week but today was the peak that means daytime highs on Wednesday come into the low seventies for most inland spots mid to upper sixties for the rest of the day that's where we'll stay through Friday and then just in time for the weekend the next widespread rain maker gets here it's going to start Saturday's second half of the day go through Sunday it's not major rainfall totals but we could get perhaps a quarter of an inch of rain out of this and that'll be nice I'm meteorologist Aaron Peck with your KPIX five KCBS forecast thank you Daryn we've got traffic and weather together on the eights on all news one of six nine AM seven forty KCBS KCBS news time six twenty yes news special report campaign twenty twenty CBS news projects Joe Biden will win the Michigan primary where one hundred twenty five democratic delegates are up for grabs contributor Peter Mayer this is a huge win for Joe Biden and his decisive I think even turning point in this campaign will be assisting fireman and Detroit he's always had a way to connect with people in.

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