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He's a really down to earth humble guy who hasn't lost touch of reality for someone who's been in Hollywood his whole life. Yeah. Yeah. And has major opportunity so he could absolutely have every excuse to be like at completely out of touch, not even dick. But the luge it'll. Yeah. And he's really from what I know not, you know, and I only know him in the peripheral, but everything I've seen it's like like soccer dead from Wisconsin against great. He came on the show once and I feel like from that one experience I can say the exact same things like family man, excited about his wife and his kids and like has all the school stuff going on in his career. But like knows what's important, and like is also cool about talking about all of those things. Like, he recognizes that he's had all these kidding. And he doesn't take himself too seriously, which it's I think it's hard to do when you're someone you see a lot of people who want it for a season. And all of a sudden, you're like, hey, we're Harlin Monroe. Okay. Well, there's your team like well. Let me get out of your way, sir. That's so funny. And so true. I mean say it is for him. I still want answers on what happened with play-by-play? Because like I thought it had a lot of potential there. And they had a really good roster. Think sometimes in general with shows of you can have a great show in like, even like TV scriptural, you can be critically acclaimed, and it just doesn't get the audience. I think there's I think having successful shows on TV is truly hard because you really have to have that ground swell, and you have to reach the masses. And sometimes when you have I think really good show a good format. It could be totally well done it just for whatever reason, maybe the marketings not great or whatever I think it's hard to do because I think it's easy to do things like have a podcast or a low production. But everything in TV is such a high production value in the so much cost around it that you really have to have a homerun, otherwise, I think they just scrap it and try something else. Yeah. And so I think that's probably why. It's like, scream queens. Did you ever watch? Joe Terry O'Connor was in. It is incredible. Ryan Murphy and Roberts, and I was talking about it yesterday too. I just kind of figure out a way to work at Entebbe episode. So that maybe it'll come back. Sometimes Humphries family guy was off the air you ever hear of that show on it said, very good Christian bitches. It was based on a bucket was one season with Kristin chenowitz. And it was just like a precious gem of show that never got a second season. I literally should talk about it all the time. How all the shows like I love get cancelled. And now it's there it's coming back and redo it was like the exactly well now, they just reboot everything and anything, I guess that's the formula that works for the ground swell is like let's go with where the people already have those people who even know it didn't make it has like the cult following. Yeah. Especially grapefruit, like arrested development, an amazing show and a lot of people in like, for example. Austin powers, like weird segue. But like in the theaters Austin powers was considered a failure. Really? First movie. And then it went it wasn't until into DVD that all of a sudden people are like wait hold on time out. This is fucking awesome show movie. And it was because of the DVD sales that the whole like awesome powers to in three in the popular franchise came to be in the theaters it was considered kind of a bus. That's kind of like Riverdale to a now with like shows that air and then they're on net flicks. Like the first season of Riverdale aired on TV. I think it did. Okay. And then it came out on Netflix summer and like millions of people watching my season two. It was like massive you watch..

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