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All your dentistry needs. That is a great so did you ever watch the royal rumble video. I only watched me walk now so it's Great Oh. That's the only part that you you really should care about the age you watch it. Danny no no Oh yes you were in the Royal Rumble Danny Yeah I forget about what we're talking about. Broadcast a minute. I close close the window. You have short term memory loss. No I really do go. Do you have anything you want to say to your brothers Danny why because they listen yeah no just stay frosty. Is that what you say to each other. I guess dinner's thing what does live from the I don't know yeah sounds like a Mug root beer commercial yeah no. I think it's like when you go out to do an important mission like it's from an eighties probably yeah I'll start another podcast the nave I've I've heard that before but I don't know what it's from before but I don't what is from either urban dictionary. That's where I get most of my news from a valediction which has come to mean be cool. Corporal Real Hicks in Aliens in one thousand nine hundred six so you'll house like sci fi yeah yeah that makes fine. I do love sci-fi. Do I watched that movie of made a huge impression on yeah. So what do you like better aliens or crawl alien so the first time I saw aliens we were on vacation in Hawaii the whole family and all the kids were in a room. The parents weren't random and my older brothers watched aliens and it scared the living tabor's out of me so it's probably stay frosty stuck with me because that whole movie really scared me for a long time okay so we should watch that movie tonight yeah well. It does scare me anymore but as a kid it was terrifying on that spaceship is the whole thing was scary okay. I'll never forget the beeping as the aliens are crawling through the roof and they're getting closer and closer or they're coming through the floors. You can't remember which as like my nightmare you're worse than pennywise. Oh way worse than pennywise. I'm not scared pennywise but I am scared of Ricky Aliens. Are you scared geared of the old penny wise or the new penny the penny wise and I gotta be honest. Real probably doesn't even matter I mean the old pennywise was just the guy that was in a lot of money at movies. If glad ton of money I would fly my kid in his pennywise costs yeah totally decked out and somehow prank the living crap out of the old penny wise and then let me look at look at new pennywise hope. That's I should have been done incognito window like Danny you no sir. I don't like it. Don't like the new pennywise anyways like you fight of them. Yeah okay there. You go all right so we're here. We're in October. Danny were got the Halloween stories coming yeah. We didn't do a single one today until I brought yeah my kid's pennywise no we didn't see any slow. I know how the happen. We didn't talk about spending pumpkin spice talk about risk gay Halloween costumes. This is kind of weird. There's a bunch that's sort of like announced the season and then there's like a deep and then as we start to get closer than Italy the start to really looking. I'm looking forward to those days. All right sounds good. Of course you could follow Tyson on social media. He's at Tyson Apostle. Danny is at Danny Bryson shoutout to frostbite in the Chad says I just became a patron so welcome aboard for Rafa appreciate it and then of course. We'll be back next week with more news that you're not in Reno yet next week right. I know I'm in Reno two weeks. We you can have that. I'm going to be in New York as well so we might have a an update a non Tuesday news af have coming up for you in two weeks so be on lookout for that no more blogging about survivor I ice and that's IT DEP- one and done and done all right. Don't go.

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