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Biography of thomas edison those were two books that a huge influence on me as a as a kid because after the drama teacher at you know read to was in class every day i could not wait for the end of class to hear you know where that book was a what were you know where it was going and uh then as soon as you know the maybe even before i i can't remember but very soon uh i got the book and read the book myself and it's it's a children's book but adult themes big time and so i talked about you know i told you are the i am actually go see a movie this week a you know in a wrinkle in time i think it opened opens today i think i believe and uh madeleine langa lls uh 1962 a book uh sciencefiction book but it's more than just signs sciencefiction i it's a you know it's bought isolation uh it's about and and this is one of the things that just got to me i probably read 10 reviews yesterday from different publications every one extremely negative on everything from the p c of it to the fact that it really doesn't emphasize you know many of the themes at that she wished to emphasize and i don't want to give the movie away because there's so many great things in it and if you went saw the move you i'm gonna i'm going to guess you would like it but what they're saying is a lot is is missing and i started thinking that a book from that time from the cold war you read it in you read it in nineteen 65 1966 nineteen sixty seven you get a ho it's it's a whole different thing than reading it today where we've had so many different sifi movies and were not involved in a cold war and when you know the the the whole thing of of good and and.

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