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But i've never had that kind of experience one thousand bucks to bet you'll love the event check it out so we knew the eggs at a good bullpen that's not streisand but it all but i didn't think it was good enough or deep enough to survive something like that we severino lasse just one third of an inning that is only the seventeenth time in postseason history that a start lasted one out or less and the first sixteen times that happ in fifteen of those teams loss but it goes to show how dangerous this yankees team is that they could shake that off and essentially had that game on lockdown like six outs later amateur came against the twins and know that act is not going to flying cleveland but how big of a weapon is apple pen chad green david robertson tommy canley and chapman basically throwing a complete game masterpiece eytan twothirds five hits allowed a run thirteen case so brian cashman's looking pretty smart right about now genius really he brings back robertson ads cain lee and gerardy didn't even have to use guys like adam warren and dump advances two more big arms that he can run out there too short a game if he needs to and from the looks of things he's going to need to because is good is that pan looks the yankees just walked into the post season and they watch their ace puke all over his cleats that's got to be as discouraging as the ball penn performance was encouraging because the indians of course stack the rotation to make sure corey kleuver gets the ball twice in a fivegame series in the event it goes that far so it's great that the yankees pan is the class of the american league but that alone is not going to be cleveland yes they can match and we saw it again last night the aim he's inside from their bullpen day can change any game in a single instance or the single sling what if they don't get quality starts from that rotation they've got no chance against the juggernaut that is the indians which is fine i mean one says the yankees were ahead of schedule anyway and quote they're playing with the proverbial house money but because of that because they are ahead of schedule and deployment house money i'm gonna take the house indians indians.

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