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Yeah he did and he said you need to learn how to drive and all of those kinds of things it wasn't just about my brothers he really believe in women always side note driving in green eight ada for women is a big thing my aunt is the second woman to have a driver's license in grenada i'm the first in my in my family to ever have a driver's license that was big my aunt's age by our producers crazy my aunt was louis the second woman in the island of grenada to have a driver's license and just to this day by the way jiving and grenada is a whole experience whole experience i mean like it's such a mountainous wine road that you have to have a good heart and they're are you trying to fit two cars on a road that is not made for two cars and there's like we're so high above sea level there's a sixty foot drop on one side but but drive on the left side of the road and then you might end up in a ditch a couple of minutes somebody will pull us will we were in the ditch and three guys up in a car got out didn't talk to us wata walked around the go sue goes through and then next thing you know one two three lift the car up got back in their car piece not even conversation he's just like what they do they do listening to but you know you learn you learn grenada those things you learn to be good to people you learn how to work hard you learn to work with what you have my grandma as a you know mc mc them what you have and that's what you do that's what you do and for me it meant also changing the rules of what i thought publicist do to make it work for me like i wanted to always work from a place of kindness like understanding like a writer is on deadline being respectful of that being kind.

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