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More how pure the bat to ball contact is in creeds Marlins song. Strikeouts. He's right. Mike in Tampa that bat to ball contact is so pure on that song. All right. As I mentioned, we're joined right now by somebody who played in the NFL for seven years. He is an NFL analyst. He is the host of the Ross Tucker football podcast. You can follow him at Ross. Tucker NFL got some things to talk him about Ross. Great to have you back. How are you? Ross. I am fantastic. Good to talk with you. And and even better to see you in Atlanta. Now was fun. Ross was really good to see you get caught up, and it's good to have you back. Let me start with the Broncos and ravens roster reportedly have a deal in place do send Joe flacco to Denver. What is for to be expected a mid round pick? Bottom line is flacco the answer to Denver's problems. Wow. That's a good question. I think he's better than case keenum. I I'm higher on plaque at this stage of his career. And a lot of people are Jim I don't know that I could say he's the answer their problems. I think a lot of that has to do with expectations. Right. I mean, John Elway is a Super Bowl or bust guy. And I think you know, he's seen what flacco is done in Denver in the playoffs. She seemed flacco outplay Tom Brady multiple times in the playoffs. His new head coach Vic Fangio was in Baltimore for couple of years of flacco. So knows them and then was the defensive coordinator for the Niners in the Super Bowl when flacco and the ravens beat them. So I I wonder how much of this has to do with twenty twelve when flacco went into Denver and one on the regime more play and then beat the Niners and Vic Fangio in the Super Bowl. I think he's better than keenum. I think he's got more left than other people do. I don't know the answer to their issues. I still think that they probably draft a quarterback, and maybe high you think about last year a lot of the teams did that you know, the cardinals went out and got a guy like Sam Bradford. But drafted rose in any way to Brown's got tyrod Taylor but drafted Baker Mayfield. Anyway, I think that's what flacco is flacco is the guy for this year, and maybe next, but I still think Elway probably takes a guy pretty high in the draft. What talking to Ross Tucker? Alright. So where does that leave? John elway. I mean, he looked like a genius when he was able to move on from Tim tebow. He brings Peyton Manning. But every quarterback move Rossi's made since then it's been a bust how badly does Elway need this one to work. Pretty badly. Now, he's built up a lot of equity there as we know for number one. What he did on the field. There will never be forgotten winning two Super Bowls going to five. But then even since he's been to jail. I mean, they won one they got to another. And I'll give him a lot of credit for one thing. Jim their draft. Last year was awesome. I mean, you go right down the line. And even the guy they didn't even draft. But Bradley Chubb was terrific. I mean almost every day Sean, Hamilton had a really nice year for them here. One of the best draft, Cortlandt Sutton. Roy Freeman I've seen in a while. So I think that really helps them it is funny though, in the NFL, you can do a lot of things. Right. But if you don't get the quarterback position, right? It really doesn't matter that much. You're really still not going to be able to get near where you wanna be Ross is funny. Right. You can do a lot of things. Right. But if you can't get the quarterback. Right. It almost doesn't matter even funnier. When one of the best to ever do it can't get the quarterback position. Right. I'm trying to get my head wrapped around that. Why is that? Why is he having so much trouble finding quarterbacks when he was one of the best ever do it? It's a terrific question. I think the answer is two-fold number one. I think the positions changed a little bit since when he played and number two. I don't know that he's doing a great job or done a great job of valuing, the things that really matter. I think he's looked at a lot of big guys you took us while in the second round took Paxton Lynch in the first round. Maybe you could say the same about flacco. I mean, all those guys are six six or taller. He clearly value size keenum kind of went away from that. And he values the big arm. And I think those things are great, Jim. But the one thing we're noticing with every passing year in the NFL. It's that size and the big arm. Don't seem nearly as important as they used to. I don't know. Elway just hasn't figured that out or he's stubborn or you look for a bunch of quick fixes. Yeah. You're able to get Peyton Manning. And then every year he tried a. New guy. I'll give him credit for this. He never just said. Well, maybe the will get better the next year. He just he gets a new guy every year at this point. Now, he's pretty ruthless like that I agree with you. I think it's both those things Ross I think that that's what he thinks works stats will work for him. And I think that he's not changing he's not adjusting to it. And then there are places to category which gets when one minute what about Nick foles Rostock for my guest. What about Nick foles if you were Nick foles where would you most likely or most like to play next season? And what does this mean to him? Well, I actually think it helps foes whether that's free agency and his market or if the eagles tag him and try to trade him with the franchise tag. I'll tell you why I really felt like you know, yesterday. There were four teams. I felt like we're definitely in the market for a quarterback. Whether that was a veteran or a first round pick. I thought it was gonna be the dolphins. The Jaguars the Redskins and the giants and actually thought flacco might end up going to the Redskins or one of those four teams. So now that flacco is gone to a different team. I think it just helps outfalls free agent and trade market because that's one other big name teams would be able to sell their fans. That's no longer available. Yes. Case keenum's probably available. Now. I don't think any team out there really thinks that they can sell case keenum to their fans. Let's say you the Redskins right or the Jaguars. You can sell Joe flacco winning a Super Bowl. And all those starts. You can't say case keenum is going to be our guy. I mean, you can't say that. So. Folded a sellable commodity. And I think he's clearly the best guy that's out there. Now, maybe you could have debated foles and flacco, I gotta tell you Jim I still big he's going to Jacksonville. I mean, everything I've heard all of the signs point the Jacksonville Redskins might draft. A guy giants probably draft a guy same with the dolphins. I think the Jags are the one team in which the entire hierarchy of the front office that entire regime and head coach is on the hot seat, and they have a team. That's good enough to win right now as we saw last year in twenty seventeen when they went to the AFC championship game. I'd be shocked at this point enfolds end up a Jaguar one way or the other. I Ross out it'd be all in if I were the Jack's I would do whatever I could. I'd be all in to bring him in for the reasons you just mentioned now is we get closer to the draft. And we're talking quarterbacks. There's going to be so much talk about Cuyler Murray is a former offensive lineman Ross. What do you make of him as a quarterback? I like him. And I think he Larry. Russell wilson. You know, I'm not the first person to say that obviously. But to me, they're the most similar, you know, when people bring up Baker Mayfield or drew Brees. I don't I don't really see that. I think you know, he's got a really good arm like Russell Wilson. But what makes them unique at this point is his feet and not just running but using his feet to buy time and make plays. I've never seen another guy in the NFL. Do it. Like Russell Wilson. I think Tyler can be that next guy. Now, he's clearly smaller than also Wilson not as stick. But I do think you little bit quicker a little bit faster as hard as that is to believe, I think you've hit a very bright future. I think the game has changed, and I know people are concerned about his size. But I mean you ever see the Oklahoma offensive line. I mean, those guys are are gigantic, although that would be that'd be actually the argument. Jim they had the best offer divine in college football. They they literally one the Joe more award as having the best. Oh line in the entire country. So I wonder how much teams take that in the stock and how that will affect and how does he do if he's taking more hits because he's not behind the best offensive line in college football in the worst defensive conference. I think Ross for instance, I saw Russell Wilson Super Bowl. We talked about this yesterday on the program Daniel, Jeremiah came on I sat with him in a trailer. I mean, he's Thicke right now that's not to say the collar Maury account bulk up and he's young and he'll get bigger he'll get stronger. But Russell Wilson. He's thick. He could take that pounding. So we'll see whether or not kinda Murray can before you go Ross you wrote a piece about rob gronkowski. And you were talking about whether or not that might have been his final game. You wrote this piece for the athletic where you didn't tell him to retire. But you did write about your own experiences with your back surgery and back pain bottom line. What did you think you watch him over the course of the season? And what would be your message to him? Well, I thought he looked better in the playoffs and certainly in the Super Bowl, but I was on the sideline in buffalo. When he came off the field, and I could just tell that his back was not right. As a guy that's had a back surgery in buffalo. I could tell that his back was not right. And you know, my point would just be this gym. And this isn't just a gronk, but this is any NFL player, and especially NFL guy with back issues. He's had three of them. He's had three back surgeries. You know, you don't think about it when you're twenty four twenty six twenty eight, but it doesn't leave your, Jim. You know, when you're when you're still playing you look at every injury in increments of how many weeks I'm gonna miss playing right? Oh, tornado amount per year, twenty four weeks, whatever, you know, I'll be forty next month. And I would tell him that I go restaurant I'm conscious of where I sit where I stand up like that because of my back, and I had one back surgery, and that's at thirty nine man. I don't know how my back and right Neil feel when I'm forty nine fifty nine sixty nine you really don't think about that stuff. When you're in your twenties because you think you're invincible, and you're young, and you're a stud and everybody loves you. But I mean, it affects you it affection some way, shape or form the rest of your life. And I don't think he's got he's not married or any kids yet. But I look at things so differently now do have daughters and wanting to be active with them..

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