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News reports, has to home in or, whatever the hell. Your name is go ahead the contacts with Russian officials keep in mind this is a presidential election The sitting president. The incumbent party is, now investigating the presidential candidate of. The Republican. Party and his campaign and that is exactly what took place and that's exactly, what still taking place and the media are schizophrenic on the one hand. They pretend it's. Not taking, place on the other hand, the reporting it. Is taking place go ahead The Pfizer court turned down the application asking FBI counterintelligence investigators our what's focus according to one report the FBI was finally granted a warrant, in October exhibit free McClatchy another, McClatchy. A news organization go ahead right wing newspaper here they have agencies headline, FBI five other agencies five other Obama administration agencies, pro possible covert Kremlin a. To Trump the FBI and, five other law enforcement intelligence agencies have collaborated for. Months in an investigation into Russian. Attempts to influence, the November election including whether money from Kremlin covertly aided so people at the FBI in, the intelligence agencies at the top levels. No doubt are leaking this information to the media and we know. They're leakers they've been, caught as leakers but this information. Is being leaked to, the media they are sources for. The meat Now my. Sources I didn't write these stories It just I put them together one. After another after that's. Not, right wing, conspiracy these are news stories Go ahead Donald, Trump to, people familiar with the matter said the agencies involved, in the inquiry are the FBI the CIA the. NSA the Justice department Treasury? Department's financial crimes enforcement network and representatives at the director of the national intelligence. Are you McClatchy line Was the guardian line Was head street lying they right wing Are they not saying that the Trump campaign or individuals associated with the Trump campaign. Had been surveilled That? A number of Obama administration intelligence and FBI are are working on it do they not say that Go ahead Barack, Obama didn't know it was As you hold. On hold on okay Kiko I'm not done I need to make the case because the media seems. To be confused about their own reporting, time, another well-known liberal outlet. Intercepted Russian communications John The New York, Times Not me The New, York Times Mr. Homan go, ahead into. Trump associates January nineteen the FBI, is leaning the investigations, aided by the NSA, the CIA treasury. Departments financial crimes unit the investigators have accelerated their efforts in recent weeks but have found. No exclusive conclusive evidence Rhonda listen to this one official said intelligence reports based on some of the wiretap communications have been provided. To the. White House all right Wow I didn't make that. Up that's a report in the New York. Times we all believe the New York Times don't we give them their incredible records historical, record porting the. Truth So what were they investigated. Investigating the Trump campaign they use the word wiretaps I didn't make it up they use, the, word wiretaps Go. Ahead is the New York. Times or another right wing The. New York Times again wait a minute the New York Times Wow Go ahead say gets more latitude to share intercepted. Communications in the final days of the Obama, administration the administration has expanded the power of the NSA, a why is that? Important because it makes it easier to leak the information and harder to find the, culprits the perpetrators right Mr..

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