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If you go back and you look at the comments about Dwight Howard joining the Lakers when he did a couple of years ago, not even a couple of years ago a year and a half ago. When Dwight Howard joined the Lakers. A lot of the same concerns were held by pretty much everybody, right? About Dwight Howard as they are right now about Deandre Jordan in fact, you added character concerns with Dwight Howard. Now, I do think Dwight and the way it worked out so perfectly is more of an outlier. I don't think that's the norm. I don't think that's something that's going to happen every single time, but I'm saying, if we're looking at this from the well, it's going to happen. Let's try to find the silver lining. What is the glasses half full approach to this? That's it. That you're getting that center tandem again that you had a couple years ago. And this off season has been very much about putting the band back together, hasn't it? It's been about bringing back former Lakers. It's been about bringing back rondo bringing back Dwight Howard. The guys who won a championship with you. That's been a theme. And so you're bringing that familiar skill set back with Deandre Jordan. Was it the right move? Again, I still would prefer to go find a wing player. That was my priority. But from the Lakers side, that's the positive that they look at. Angel Torres from YouTube, but the superset super chat says truck driver watching right now. Thanks for helping keeping me up. You're welcome, but I hope you're not watching this while you're driving. Or at least just listen to the audio part of it because if you're on YouTube, that means you are, you are indeed watching the video here. All right, somebody said should have picked up Damien Jones. No, Damian Jones, he is under contract with the kings. So there was a $1.9 million team option on Damien Jones contract. And the assumption was the kings were going to decline that. But they surprised everybody and they picked it up. We thought they were declining it because they already had so many other centers. I mean, Marvin Bagley is probably more of a center than anything else right now. And then you've got Alex Lyon they had an interest in Thompson. They added other players too. So.

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