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Have driven the kurds now to hold the referendum on independence second the citizens of kirkuk can vote in the referendum the referendum will not decide whether kirkuk is part of the new country of kurdistan are part of iraq there would still be either a negotiation for a separate referendum in which the people of kirkuk choose between being part of iraq and being part of the new country of kurdistan kirkuk does appear to have a kurdish majority so logically of one would expect the people would choose to be part of kurdistan but this referendum will not decide its status if only us ambassador peter galbraith they all the two biggest concerns who european city plan is today the environment and terrorism but what happens when there is a clash in paris a major overhaul is underway way to make the city more attractive to cyclists over the next few years hundreds of kilometres of new cycle lanes as being pinned with corresponding restrictions on may two traffic but paris police are increasingly worried about the implications for their ability to get to the scene of an attack quickly he's cowfield reports peres this endless summaries of city under roadworks on the avenue delay groendahl may be the up the onto trio of laying down new cycle lay it's the same old the riverside drive on homeless said in the west and by the on the root of rivoli it's all part of an ambitious a 150millioneuro plan to make paris one of europe's cycling capitals over the next three years the city's socialist administration wants to double the amount of track available to bicycles in so doing of course removing a large amount of the road space that till now has been used by the motor car.

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