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Won't won't be may be aware that there sattar but they are sattar amounts in the premiums that's and make out with someone you don't like but i do think if you're feeling super low being with some one be it the most annoying dude you've ever met in your life at least he's distracting you from two hours of reality uh so i think i'm going the person who sattar is the person who's alone unless the person you kiss has wretched wretched breath in that case go home and be alone in enjoy fresh air of your own home um um and uh i think who is the saddest as the person trying to debate this alone that's me it sucks having to do these long i know said that before but it doesn't makes me really musty enda would you rather i will love them also debate by myself here's my would you rather would you rather be doing this loan right now or would you rather steve here with you um that's a tough one relapsed you here with me so that's the show i don't wanna debate a by myself it really does give me to breast and dumb i hope all of you guys had a really good holiday and if you didn't like me forget about it and move on i decided next year i'm going to put things in place for me to not have a crummy christmas which is put my expectations aside for the people that i love we may not be identical in the same and that's okay and this christmas it was bombing it boeing me out.

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