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And possessing child porn and connections with nude photos taken of a 14yearold boy i did see the euro and this dude is right here in pasco county an assistant principal just we'll just walking among students looking at them as victims like prey like i like a wolf in the in the hen house if you will they got fox in the house i'm sorry victoria what's up oh i wanted to talk about how i mean i'm younger and a lot of people calling in an 18 so i know what it's like to be kind of look a teen whose become desensitized too late score and violence and does the gore glow it's i think so and i think like a lot of people who were like if you saw the same snapchat posted on like um unlike different website of and you can see like a girl's body in the classroom like lame there with blood on the ground and people kept two posting it and it just seemed like they had much concern for you know the ben girl lane there in the room with them but you know they just wanted to post it instead attention from there i think you know part of the issue is social media i'm part of it also is fast like it or not and on an entity has created by a youth to have become so desensitised the blind violence break normal not not even just you're a generation it's my generation to we are so internet internet addicted and and desensitize that we you know europe is following our lead i think and and it probably gets worse with every generation i walk in no i don't think we live are much because you know the media on like upset spikes boy can you know where gore's posted like like it's just i become a thing that you can joke about and even though not flake it's kind of disturbing to say it's the truth you know an alanon it's even suspected that the shooter he posted on um i advocate a um like unfortunate on before he went in he was shooting so it's it's it's like and then people would posting in the fed like saying like oh my god he actually did it like a.

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