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And the hong kong jockey club is very sophisticated achieve saw the records and other information now if you go to other places like for example the united states you have a race am belmar it's a mile race so horse number one is running sixfurlong races now doing one mile course number two is ships from france and has never run on that incites grassroots never run on the grass horse number three is should be from california and so forth yellow so they're coming from different places different things and it's very hard to reevaluate all over light this year in the in the united states in this triple crown races but three rolls there's about eight horses they were rate as uh we might as cloudy nobody's ira or norway's may plus on they're just uh you know any of the aid could win any to the race in we saw that this week we add a risk called the jim dandy in the way hit a race call detroit a lasko in horses that were not expected to win did win so it's it's it's tricky it's it's it's hard insert the art you'd says a lot of charm to with though and and there is a lot of computerized work we have programmes for all the bats so we we have that in other people have them as well you know to charge too late the blue sizing as you mentioned celli and then also uh hotter generate probabilities and things what are the things that strikes me is why it could possibly be a easier to make money in sports betting on horse races or whatever it might be compared to financial markets issue nar the exact khanna pie out and exact risk going into.

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