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Overly sunny right now it's sixty five degrees at o'hare sixty six at midway sixty four along the lake front it's sixty five in Waukegan the north suburban school district is investigating the controversial social media post made by a high school teacher at palatine high school some former students say this isn't the first time that the teacher is because this year more on that for WGN's Courtney Goodman a palatine high school social studies teacher is now under fire for a now deleted Facebook post in those we talked to in the community say they want her fired we are not revealing the identity of this teacher but this is what she wrote in part it says I find the term white privilege as races as the N. word you have not walked in my shoes either so you do not make assumptions about me and my so called privilege you think America is racist then you happen to have been hoodwinked by the white liberal establishment and race leaders like Jesse Jackson and al Sharpton some students say they were not surprised that the teacher made the remarks because they've seen other problematic post from her in the past district eleven says it's investigating and will take appropriate measures students from DePaul University took to the streets of Lincoln Park to protest group calling for DePaul to end its relationship with the Chicago police department students also said they want the department to be de funded and that money would be used in other ways having people who are trained in the situation yes but someone who's mentally ill as having overdose who's in the middle of a domestic violence situation no offense but police officers are not trained to do that so.

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