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Announcing some people already know about what we're doing way have to protect our families at same time begin to protect certain we're going to protect our families protect our Children were going to protect the industry. Hopefully, if everything safe, they're going to be going very quickly back onto the market, so they're gonna check way want to make people have died from this? They died from way. Hopefully everything will be back on the market. Very, very shortly. Be good from the same point looking cigarette smoking stop. That's a big advantage. So we think we're gonna get it. Go to the market. Very WeII Children. We have to protect the family's safe. We're gonna take care of it doesn't matter because weigh 196 ways. The Democrats. Witness corrupt politician said something I've never said release transcript, which is absolutely perfect. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company presents Doug Breathe out and repeat after mutual customizes your car insurance..

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