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For governor Paul is and the democratic controlled legislature shortages and limits on what you can buy may become a consequence because of coronavirus MSU Denver marketing professor Darren duper Smith says it's not that easy for supply to meet a sudden spike in demand for things like hand sanitizer bottled water and toilet paper manufacturers in the supply chain they have many many months that they have to plan to create more corral or to bottle more water and they can't just ramp up production overnight do business says it's like the entire country is preparing for a hurricane and essential items are fall flying off the shelves he also says that price gouging is illegal one of the big upcoming pop culture festivals is losing big names because of coronavirus concerns south by southwest is still on but a lot of companies won't be there Warner media had a bunch of big panels planned around the launch of the streaming service HBO Max but it's now canceled CNN is pulled out and Wednesday evening Netflix said it was pulling its people those companies joined apple Amazon studios Facebook Twitter tick tock a growing list of content creators staying home because of code nineteen ABC's Jason Nathanson senator Elizabeth Warren is dropping out of the presidential race saying there wasn't any room for her I was told at the beginning of this whole undertaking that there are two lanes are progressively that Bernie Sanders is the incumbent for and a moderate flames that Joe Biden is non combat force and there's no room for anyone else in this I thought that wasn't right but evidently I was wrong Warren says she won't be endorsing anyone yet to be the democratic nominee on super Tuesday she finished third in her home state of Massachusetts and fourth in her native state of Oklahoma Wall Street is negative the Dow industrials down one thousand twenty one points the S. and P..

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