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At this point i think goes alba chino kind of in this biggest slump i would say creole is a lot of garbage stuff he's kind of picked it up in the last few years and doesn't really interesting this was just him this phoning it in just being really the whole setup is just kind of the five diamond award exactly and they still that and then you have matt damon in like this the worst prosthetic nose thing with this kind of date rape drug that whole plotline trying to seduce the secretary to get in there with his like you know cyrano de belgique knows how problematic yeah it's like and it ends with like the cgi really crappy cgi helicopter you know taking up the whole like so and so it's it's like they would all take ocean's eleven turn it up all the way even more to thirteen and just make even his kind of fails falls flat on his face and it can lose it almost it's kind of the tried to heart of a movie they lose that kind of effortless cool that they had with ocean's eleven and yeah i definitely agree with that i liked the reveal with was it the fox or the the the sheaf yeah we all like i liked that reveal where he was watching them the whole time but they were also watching him watch them right like so that was clever because again going did that notions twelve with the whole faberge egg plotline that was the whole they did in notions twelve was they had this whole like double about that and so it's like.

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