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Oh wait a minute we're going to early today mike got pinched that's from a saw his client is opening is hard to mcgrath hold on one second cakes caixin the ring i i don't even know that he does i think he must have an app that just runs away seventy songs interro app rise hits that robots do is great but he could then my next thing was all right what is the connection must be connected to something and then i realized i don't think anything macarthur parker anything that i'm unaware aware of although i can be wrong there's lots lots the don't don't get i think that's why he tends towards a of song because they are connected anything there free formed evergreen they're freestanding i think i think osceola my better as though but sometimes he'll connected to an event or to something that i've been yapping about most the time it's something you've been yapping so i was going into was i gap about this song recently or or macarthur park or whenever we were speaking of billy joel a couple of days ago and yesterday's interro lazy joke was uptown girl living in a white bread world okay it's joe hashtag late still but still i so i was not able to connect anything and i decided he was in a wild ride has a very excited for tomorrow's in trail all right so let's see ball brian whenever i don't think we've got to play your thing boring machine and leave on too much better song now what was the one from all famous one that got really answer good find good sockets out very good samba chevy only a much better song i exactly and it's always like.

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