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Chase. Daniel hadn't started an NFL game in four years, Colin that's supposed to be a layup for the lions to win that game. And Stafford those two picks no interceptions. It's a bad game. And this is ten years. I think his record now like six and fifty four against teams that finish over five hundred. He doesn't beat anybody. No playoff wins. And he could all yards and touchdowns. But most of them come when alliance or down, and then he makes the scores respectable. But he has not. I mean what what a bad. I pick foot alliance. Everybody thought if you're Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn GM there. You got to really think as you go forward. Oh, we going to win anything here. I listen when you call them stat pad for it. I thought it was funny, and I kinda rolled my eyes. But I watched that game. And you're the first guy thought now I said earlier today that we never want to be our parents, right? We want to be cooler than our parents smarter than our parents hitter than our parents, hopefully, more successful than our parents most of us. Right. You think that right? But we all become our, parents Rogers and farve don't wanna become each other. But they're becoming each other their first ten years in the league. Look at these numbers each have a Super Bowl multiple MVP's nine hundred ten winning season, six pro bowls. And by the way, I the way farve sees career is ending is what Aaron's is going to which is hurt. But playing kind of erotic still iconic. Little stubborn not easy to coach. Coach and a five hundred team on the road. You you say I'm going to regret this. This'll be the worst take you ever had ever since you said that Kwame Brown needed more time with..

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