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On what's going on around the world good morning Michael good morning they've been acting White House chief of staff make void and bold thing he did the Sunday news program circuit to clarify last week's news conference about Ukraine and explain why president trump decided not to hold next year's G. seven summit at is Miami resort well maybe said his comments were misconstrued when he said last Thursday the U. S. held up eighty two Ukrainian part to prod that country to investigate the twenty sixteen elections well maybe also says the president dropped plans to hold an international summit is derail resort in Florida after realizing it looks lousy to steer business to his own property he still considers himself to be up in the hospitality business any song opportunity to take the biggest leaders around the world you want to put on the absolute best show the best visit that he possibly could he was very confident that derail I think we're all surprised level of push back I think it's the right decision to change will have to find some place else motivating spoke on fox news Sunday which can be heard Sundays on Bloomberg radio this just in Turkey gave Kurdish fighters until late Tuesday to leave a narrow strip of territory in northeastern Syria or face becoming targets putting aside for now it's the man for the militia the withdrawal from a much longer safe zone it comes as secretary of state Mike Pompeii was asked on ABC's this week yesterday whether the temporary cease fire in northern Syria is holding following U. S. led talks with Turkey there's much work to be done to continue to implement but we're optimistic I got a report within the last half hour from my senior leaders to indicate that there's relatively little fighting a little sporadic small arms fire a mortar or two ABC's this week can be heard Sundays on Bloomberg radio democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren hold double digit lead over president trump in the key swing state of Minnesota that's according to a Star Tribune Minnesota poll a tornado touched down outside Dallas last night leaving significant damage in its wake Dallas city office emergency management director rocky that still searching through the whole infected area will continue throughout the night and daylight will give us a better understanding of the impact of that storm has had global news twenty four hours a day on a tick tock on Twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts more than a hundred twenty countries I'm Michael bar this is Bloomberg made okay Michael.

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