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For us because TJ you heard John mention he coaches dak and Chris, you have a question for Jonathan. I have more of a macro question. Why is it so difficult to evaluate these guys? Why are half of first round quarterbacks considered bus? Like, what makes it so difficult to evaluate? Great question. Yeah, that's an awesome question. I mean, my answer is probably not going to be the perfect answer. It's just going to be based on a lot of my opinions. But what I would say is, you know, you take a quarterback that excels in college. They have reasons for why they're excelling in college. Coaches are going to do NFL coaches are going to do all they can to learn why that guy was successful. Yes. The areas that maybe he needs to improve, the weaknesses, and they're going to try to develop a guy. I think that every coach when it starts, they have a plan in place of how they're going to develop a guy. But then it's like, have you ever heard that boxing quote? I think Bill Walsh used to use it. Everybody has a plan until they've been punched in the face. Right? Like you don't know how it's going to shake down. So I think all coaches, they have like a genuine plan, and then boom, season starts. And whether it's we're going to have a veteran that's going to go first and we're going to develop the young guy or we're going to start the young guy. You have all these things that also you don't know everything about that player because you weren't in the meetings with him every day. You weren't actually the one that was out of the practice field. Like you're trying to acquire in a few months, information to help you make that decision of Dewey draft him or not. The other thing is, who knows how it's going to shake down during the season? Who knows what injuries are going to take place? Who knows the actual situation you drop that young player into? So, you know, there's windows of opportunity. There's windows of time, a coach may think I have three years to develop this quarterback. Ten games into The Rookie year. That guy's played 5 games. It's been up and down. His confidence has taken a little bit of a beating. Now the coach feels like he's on the hot seat. Something else happens. Like there's just all these factors that are out of everybody's control that really impact the development of that player. So I think the process of evaluating it's a little flawed because of how fast it has to happen. You get what January February and March and a little bit of April to determine if this guy is going to fit your organization. A lot of the teams that pick high in the draft, they're piecing together their staffs as well. They don't totally know how their staff's going to come together. That also trying to figure out what type of football team they have. What are they going to major in? What are they going to minor in? What are our strengths? If we lose key pieces, now that makes that job that much tougher on us as coaches and on a young quarterback. And so that's why I think like rich said earlier in the show, there are so many things that you just don't know how it's going to play out yet they impact a young quarterback so much. And there's a statement that floats around coaching circles. And I don't know if the media. Here's it as much, but within coaching circles, it's this league is really good at not developing at herding quarterbacks. It's far better at hurting quarterbacks than it is a helping quarterbacks. And that's why you see a large percentage of quarterbacks. It just doesn't work out for them. Well, let's get micro then on Zach Wilson, who was a guy that you coached from BYU all the way to his drafting and the jets even brought you on the roster. On the coaching staff to help you to help out with Zach, what do you say to a jet fan who was wondering what happened with Zach Wilson the last two years? Well, you know, I can't think there's anything that I can sit in this chair and say that's going to make them change what they probably have in their mouth right now, right? Like that taste, right? And Zach quite honestly, if he was sitting in this chair answering these questions, he should and would say the same thing. Like, hey, it did not go like I would have liked. Zack's extremely talented. He's very passionate. Those things will never change about the kid. I love the way he works, and I believe in that dude a lot. And I think that there's good things in store for him. And like any quarterback that has gone through tough things, there's a better version of yourself on the other side. Now, it takes some things from the organization, right? Like they still have to have faith. They still have to have some patience. I think this Aaron Rodgers situation can be great for Zack, because what would have benefited him in year one, he may be getting in year three. It would have been great to have them take Zach and have a veteran there. Just through the first part of the season, through training camp through something, but the second that Zach got there, he was like the guy. You know, and it didn't work. It didn't work like Zach hoped. It didn't work like the jets hoped. Well, why would you say that? Why didn't it work that? Oh, there's a lot of reasons. There's things that are, you know, within Zack's control and I can speak to him of just about him of some throws that he can improve on. There were times that they were throws that even he knows I got to be able to make those throws. I got to be able to do that. And that's the area that Zack can improve on. I think that there's some things that organizationally everybody's trying to make the best decision at the time. And I want it to be known. I think Robert sala is a tremendous coach. My interactions with coach Salah were awesome. And there's a lot of dudes in that building that I think are great people, great coaches. I have a ton of hope for the jets as an organization. I have friends there. And I think that there's really good things in store for them. It did not work out with Zach like they hoped, but that does not mean that it's the end of Zach Wilson. You know, what about maybe Zach Wilson end of him in New York? Yeah, I mean, I don't know. Even if Rogers, because the whole concept is, I've been talking about every single day here, and I'm a jet fan. I'm from New York. I talked to a whole bunch of people. Rogers has to come because Wilson's toast. That's the sense right now, and I'm wondering how that lands with him and how that could possibly be put back together. I'll say this. I like the challenge that Zach gets to have in his life. To have this happen. You know, we were talking about Steve Young and the things that he had to go through. If you talk to Steve, he'll talk about how those things made him stronger. My hope for Zach is that whether he's a jet or how long all that, like, let's not worry about that, right? Like for Zach Wilson as a human being as a quarterback and all of that, I believe this is a great opportunity to Zach for Zach to feel this challenge to accept it to improve on the areas of his candidates to improve on and then to just grind. To just go to just compete to let this thing like right now the excitement in New York is about Aaron Rodgers. You're bringing one of the best to ever do it. To New York. Let that be the excitement. All right, Zach, put some blinders on and just work. Just grind.

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