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I'm going to die then. Dr nike and dr nike is very off putting i. He's a very good doctor. He became my main doctor for the next month. But he giggles when he talks. He's got kind of a weird atmosphere. He's a young guy certainly a significant number of years younger than me. Which didn't bother me. I don't mind doctors being younger than me. Like some people do but when he giggled the first time and it was when he said the word penis because they had to ask like. Do you have any burning your penis. Do you have any any sort of discomfort in your areas and stuff. When he said that he killed a little bit like saying the word penis was a weirdly bad thing so i was like Not one hundred percent with this guy but okay. He does seem to know what he's doing he's like we're going to do a bunch of tests and We need to check into the hospital. Now as i said at the beginning i've never been checked into a hospital before so this was actually scary to me. I did not want to be checked into the hospital. But i was in no state to argue. I had no idea what was going on or what was going to happen. So i was like okay. Let's do it so they immediately just like took blood as many as much. A ton of blood Then they threw me up into a bed and then took me upstairs to the ward where i would be staying Japanese hospitals. It's four people per room for the public ones. You can pay for semi private and then you can pay even more and get a primer. And they're working really hard to try to figure out what's wrong with me and it turns out there's actually two things. The initial thing was infection of some sort and basically new anti-biotics now the knees were thing called reactive arthritis which i had never heard of so many needs me think that maybe doctor birkenstock really didn't know his arthritis as well as he thought he did. Because it is a form of arthritis really unusual. And what happens is when your body fights and infection your knees just sorta like now fuck off. We're out of it. We're done. We're just going to ruin your life and make it so you could not run away from a predator and die to degree. It's genetic so this isn't something that's common which is again. Why was probably really hard for the doctors to figure out what they had to put me on antibiotics for a week to get rid of this the initial infection and that's because it had run its course like it was it was ruined me at this point because it has gone a week and a half or something unchecked because again they didn't know is going on so fair. I don't want anyone to feel like i'm actually disparaging the doctors. Because i actually think every doctor i encountered did a fairly good job except dr birkenstock. I think might be a little overconfident in don't know how much reactive arthritis is arthritis. So that's where my lack of knowledge makes it difficult for me to judge the quality of his care but him basically kicking me out of the room and saying like all the other doctors fuck off wasn't maybe the best course of action. Dr nike every day. I got this like tub of antibiotics. Like jack into my arm..

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