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Make things happen stars. Have more confidence stars have more alpha stars have more dog. I want stars not a slide. Ruler. Dave Roberts handcuff last night by guys upstairs in a binder. And the guy upstairs is making seven million. And the manager's making a million that tells me who should take the heat. And it's not the guy wearing the dodger hat in the dugout. It's the guy upstairs. Let me shift to this. We knew coming into this season for the Lakers. We knew some things we knew LeBron was gonna make the Lakers better. We knew they didn't have a lot of three point shooters the one question we had and I didn't have an answer for it. I had to I had to see it pan out. I mean, I knew the bra would make a better he has they won last night. He thinks I knew they didn't have enough three point shooters that stuff was easy. But the one thing I said, I'm not sure I gotta watch it. I gotta watch it pan out Rondo or Lonzo who fits better with LeBron and LeBron can make them both work. But you'd prefer one's easier to play with. Well, we have an answer. Lonzo ball should be starting Lonzo ball. Now that Rondo and Rondo has got nobody to blame. But Rondo Rondo gets into a fight Rondo as the agitator lonzo's more of a lubricate her lonzo's allowed to play now and getting more minutes why? Because once again. Rondo agitate get into a fight and last night, twelve point seven rebounds, six assists at one point the Lakers had thirty assessed three turnovers lonzo's not a heavy turnover guy. He needs to start. And again Rondos got nobody to blame. But Rondo on this and the Lakers are playing intentionally fast because they don't have a bunch of shooters. They have a ton of depth. They had seventy six at half their style this year because of their limitations on shooting is play intentionally fast. I mean, they're just flying up and down the court. So if you're gonna fly up and down the court, and that's the style it's going to work. And that's what magic things Luke thinks LeBron thinks, rob Pelinka. Thanks, everybody knows that we're deep. We're young. We're at letting we can run we're not gonna win a shooting contest. If that's the style. We're going to do lonzo's gotta be your guy because I just I was talking about this yesterday. I had lunch Saturday with Daryl Morey Houston Rockets. I'm not going to get into specific players. But we had this conversation at lunch, and it didn't include Lonzo or Rondo, but. A lot of guys in the NBA. They over dribble over dribble over dribble over dribble when there's an assist available. Then they do it because they want the assist. Now Rondos very much like that Rondo is a dribbler dribbler dribbler dribbler drill. He'll pass up shots dribbler dribbler. He wants the assist he'll take the air out of the ball. Lonzo's not that kind of player, but more and I were talking about this thorough. Lot of NBA guards that ended up with eight assists, and they're really selfish players. Not all assist totals of the same. Rondo Rondo is a dribble dribble dribble dribble dribble dribble dribble guy. Oh, I can get an assist goes. Lonzo is a get rid of the ball fast. I don't give her of about my numbers Rondo has always been play big in the playoffs. I'll play big TV games. And I want the assist number. Lonzo doesn't give a rip and the Lakers. Four games this year. One thirty one forty one fifteen one nineteen they're gonna move the ball up and down the court, Lonzo fits better. And by the way, Lonzo now is stronger than last year and Lonzo is clearly a better shooter than last year, the two things we worry about Lonzo. My two knocks on last year where he doesn't look. Like an NBA body. He looked like a college athlete print plan NBA basketball. He looks bigger. Now, he looks like he put on eight to ten pounds. He looked bigger and stronger. I always liked his length. I always liked his vision. But I'm like he doesn't look like an NBA gardening's. A look he does now. Secondly, I said he's got to get the shot. I don't care if he fixes it. He just gotta hit more threes. And now he is here's a secret last night a sequence from who the Lakers should be starting alongside LeBron. Groundwood aren't in rhythm..

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