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More about nursing homes which like hospitals have been battered by the Omaha surge every two Hi Elsa Hi So you know I remember how badly nursing homes were hit early on during the pandemic Can you just tell us how are they faring today So we'll just last week there were 32,000 infections among residents slightly lower than the huge peak reached last winter But the good news here Elsa is that the debts are only about a tenth of what they were last winter So vaccines are really helping But the staff though is a whole different story I spoke with Mark Parkinson He leads the trade group that represents for profit nursing homes and assisted living Unfortunately we are now at an all time high in terms of staff cases in the last week There were over 50,000 cases of staff that reported positive from COVID And many of those people died last week alone almost 17 nursing home workers died which is close to the record number of staff that's in the very first summer of the pandemic Wow wait Why is the death rate so high among nursing home workers Well it really comes down to lower vaccination rates compared to residents And that's why the Supreme Court ruling upholding a national vaccine mandate in healthcare workers is going to be crucial because nursing home staff were much slower to get vaccinated than residents They've caught up somewhat but they're still a huge gap when it comes to boosters only a third of workers are boosted Mark Parkinson from the industry group says vaccine hesitancy is a big problem You get into the rural areas You get into the more red states like my home state of Kansas And you just run into that same vaccine hesitancy that you see in the general population A lot of misunderstanding confusion people that have been misled by false claims on the Internet So while the Supreme Court was considering the mandate many nursing homes did put in place their own vaccine mandates but many others didn't Well I mean with so many workers getting sick and dying I can imagine that that has really had an impact on care for residents at these nursing homes Yeah it's worse than an already bad situation more than 200,000 people have quit their jobs at long-term care facilities since the start of the pandemic because of the burnout and many of these jobs pay very little And these days you can make more money doing something else Laurie brewer is the long-term care ombudsman in the state of New Jersey She says this is affecting care We are certainly seeing a huge increase in the number of calls from residents who are saying that they are not being changed They're not receiving their meals on time And many facilities have shut down many are not accepting new patients which in turn affects hospitals because now they can't discharge the patients who need to go into long-term care Here's doctor David Kim at Providence which has hospitals along the West Coast It starts backing up all along the chain and then you start seeing it come out with long wait times in the ER patients in hallways leading for rooms because they're not ready to go home but they can't get a bed And the ripple effects are everywhere really because now there's more pressure on families who have now have to take care of elderly loved ones because they can be placed in long-term care That is NPR's retool Chatterjee Thank you too Thank you Now let's head to London where Prince Andrew has given up all public duties as well as his military titles and royal charities according to Buckingham Palace The palace also says the queen's second son will defend himself as a private citizen against a civil suit alleging sexual assault The prince faces what could be hugely damaging civil trial in New York and for more we turn to imperial London correspondent Frank Frank explain why the prince is giving up these honors now Yeah Ari I think Buckingham Palace is trying to distance itself as much as possible From Prince Andrew And he's become totally toxic certainly here in the United Kingdom As we reported the prince faces the civil suit by a woman named Virginia she says she was forced to have sex with the prince when she was 17 He's repeatedly denied this Buckingham Palace is making the move now I think because yesterday a judge in federal court in New York dismissed Andrew's motion to dismiss the lawsuit and this means the case could have to trial in the fall and they'll be even more damaging to Andrew and of course the royal family There was also mounting outside pressure There was this letter from more than a 150 Royal Navy RAF and army veterans They wrote the queen and they asked her to strip the prince of 8 military appointments So honestly honestly I don't think she really had much choice here You say the prince is totally toxic in the UK How is this news playing out there Very badly As that letter suggests the allegations from they've been around for years but after the arrest and death of Jeffrey Epstein who was the prince's friend and also convicted sex offender these allegations basically got new life and got a lot more attention and back in I think it was 2019 the BBC did an interview with the prince and he tried to put this all to rest And it was widely seen as a really disastrous interview And this is the prince speaking at the time with the BBC's Emily made list Is there any way you could have had sex with that young woman or any young woman trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein in any of his residences No and without putting too fine a point on it If you're a man it is a positive act to have sex with somebody And so therefore it's very difficult to try and forget positive action And I do not remember anything Well Frank looking ahead to this trial do people think the prince might actually end up defending himself in person in a U.S. courtroom I think people have a hard time imagining that Ari but selling the case may take more than just money Geoffrey's lawyers named David boys very well known in the United States Of course this is what he said to the BBC last night I think it's very important to Virginia defray that this matter be resolved in a way that vindicates her and vindicates the other victims I think the concern they're probably from the palace is that they may want some kind of statement in addition to any settlement from the prince and that may well of course have spooked them because it wouldn't be easy to dispose of this He's 9th in line to the throne Does this present a threat to the democracy To the monarchy rather No I mean on its own no worry I mean but as you know you lived here You covered this story the royal family has a tricky relationship with the British public They need to set a good example do charitable works and in exchange for that the public supports the monarchy and the UK won't become a republic under that support But this has been a really difficult time We've seen Harry and Meghan the duchess of leave the royal family amid charges of racism which the royal family is denied The queen is 95 not in great health and she has her she's gonna be celebrating her platinum jubilee this year It's a record setting 70 years on the throne It's pretty clear why the palace wouldn't want Andrew scandal hanging over.

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