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Country. We'll take a brief break. And then it's round two of the storm's gonna look a lot like this one mostly a a mountain advantage in coming in Sunday afternoon and mostly Sunday night, Monday morning. I don't think it will have much of an effect here on the front range out on the planes. But in the mountains will pick up another snowfall accumulation. And again, this'll be a win back. That's Greg Hansen with the national weather service over the last forty eight hours three new inches in the south west at telluride five at Vail seven inches at Loveland and ten reported at Breckenridge. Colorado Avalanche information center reporting a skier was caught in an avalanche in summit county today, the skiers lower body was partially buried, but they in a companion were able to escape the slide. Some daily reporting the pair were properly equipped with gear and beacons. It's the first report. Of a person being caught in an avalanche. This season lime says it's scooters in Denver are not in danger of catching fire the company recalled some scooters in California amid concerns the batteries in some models could smoulder and catch fire that according to our partners at CBS four published reports say none of the recalled models are used in Denver sports. Broncos offensive coordinator Bill must grave says the Texans defense will pose problems for his offense tomorrow Houston coming in very disruptive defense trying to stimulate it out here practice. Prepare for this group. They're playing well. The Texans of one five games in a row. The broncos. We'll see a familiar face on the other side of the ball as recently traded receiver. Mary Thomas will be wearing the Houston. Uniform. Our coverage begins at eight tomorrow morning with kickoff at two oh, five on the home of the Broncos KOA NewsRadio. Next update at two thirty David KO KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM. Well, we have problems around town. I twenty five northbound.

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