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Yeah it's gonna be interesting actually because as android i think i mean with but i suspect is google it doing more as they get in more and more into the hardware business that probably gonna be focusing on make an android more and more quote unquote a great am to try and get you know apple uses more more apple uses over to it and i s i know that in a face that question of like i think a lot of people use android because it's a lot more customize a bull inflexible than amdro than than than apple and they're gonna hit that question of like why did you draw the line so the art of it to his group android has a brutally bad reputation in the security community and i'm guessing at some point they want to really i didn't know that awhile why is that because with that flexibility they do a lot of things that you're be i see is a is always a wider attacks surfaced right right got it interesting trade off as you could let's move us next language volcic's szabo interesting onestop way fox instead of people have worked illegal the coburn voice project crowdsourcing open speech corpus now we've seen a whole bunch of companies doing speech stuff but the speech kohl was the reason the google recognition he's you bad that microsoft recognition for example because they got access to a much bigger speech goalposts he said she late because they go out and every time anyone he's googly otago have where we make stop back to amazon decided same solar cycle it's really hard to compete because you haven't recordings of three hundred billion people say well david salvage shopped deitz of i cried so of tried this whole thing in the past a lot of people trying to source opensource available space age have used england lippi fox which.

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