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We must all think bigger about the challenges that we face. Come alongside one another and tackle these issues together. We can never move forward. If we keep talking about division most unifying everyone. Everyone has a seat at the table in our community, and we stand firm on that. I know he does. So we really need to seize the opportunity to start bringing folks together and that injecting politics into the discussion. OK, let me pick you back on that than me. Hammer and I just radio host man we've had you on several times we've had. Ah, Reverend Charles Harrison from the 10 Point Coalition several times. What? What can we do with citizens? I mean, you have suggestions on what the criminal justice system could do You point out very Specifically, what are local administration could do. What can I do? Just in ordinary citizen Who wants? What can hammer do? What can people listening right now? Do other than just, you know, sit there and watch the news and say that's too bad. Is there anything that ordinary citizens Khun D'oh? Well, the first thing I always point out people's control what you can control. You can't necessarily control what decisions or what actions were taken downtown in the city County building or at the Statehouse. You didn't play a role, and you do ultimately control that first and foremost start in your own neighborhood. Start engaging with your neighbors looking out for one another loving your neighbor. It's not a popular thing to talk about. But we must do that. We will never listen. If we can't Love our neighbor and think bigger about the challenges we face. Think about something that's more important than ourselves. We're done. We're done. Our society is built upon that and we have got to come together to do that. We could do that in our own neighborhoods. But I would say this our community our residents, you have to engage in the process. Start engaging on your local political front. When folks do that, just as we've seen recently, and they see some of the City County Council meetings in depth, like Hammer did for 5.5 hours the other night. You would be Beside yourself When you see some of the dysfunction that is occurring because of politics being injected into these discussions, so you've gotta demand better. You gotta demand more. As I said on mutual dialogue deserves better. And, uh, we set those expectations will start getting that. But it comes from demanding that from our leaders and you know many of our local leaders. Now, there they are. They're listening, but your voice has to get hurt and you have to reach out. You have to contact them and you have to let them know what your priorities are, and we could do that. But again. We? We try to get that done by giving folks around the table where we can collectively here one another, and they're shutting that down. That's the first and foremost and end has to be bought that way each everyone in the discussion Well, Rick tell the officers that there's a lot of people that support what they do. They might not hear it from our local officials. But there's a lot of people that support what they do. There's going to be officers out there tonight, making sure that people Marching up and down the streets, yelling blank. You are protected safely, and there's a lot of people out there. That's are not represented by our city leaders. Make sure you let your officers know that We will there truly remarkable folks who are doing that They're going to ensure that the constitutional protections of everyone are insured. And you know, they go out there day in and day out and do it and we don't talk enough about them. They really are some of the best amongst us, and they are what's holding our our communities together. We need to stand up and support them and engage in this situation and stand the line together. And together we'll get through all of this. I'm confident in that guys. Thank you very much. You've gotto thank you. That's Rick Snyder, President of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge. Eighties. I like event That's really firm. I need something a little softer than that Rest easy in the sleep number. 3 60. Smart bet you could both adjust your comfort your sleep number set. It can really help me fall asleep Faster. Yes, but gently warming your feet. Okay,.

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