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Nidal twelve for djokovic to give you a statistical comparison jimmy connors john mcenroe and bjorn borg one twentysix combined in their careers well you're so right about the american thing you know they're not our own in addition to that they're not fiery roger federer never says anything that's controversial in the doll has had some issues with this health and things like that but still isn't if you ask the average american tell me one thing you know about either one of these players maybe maybe they might be able to tell you what countries that come from i doubt it i think most people think federer's british and that's how we are here in america if you're not ours we don't care that much but you're you're absolute joke of its nobody they think he's i've been lendl you know so i think that i don't think that we can appreciate in this country who were who were really seeing but tennis people can't and tennis aficionados cannon they know that this is you're so right mike this is absolutely historic and if if one or two of these guys is in the final when all is said and done you're in for a treat and and we should be appreciating it more you're right if their last names were macaroni connors oh my god everybody everybody would be riveted to this thing and it's a shame that we still haven't gotten to that point with tennis which is such an international game and what's the difference where you come from you know you play all over the world but it seems to matter to the american audience and let me tell you something again i said i've got zack luca with it we got the first week of wimbledon and world cup going on next week it's not going to be a bad time to be in leonard right it's time for a party shots and i'll go first because what i'm talking about comes right out of our tennis discussion with the guy just mentioned here's the deal at a time when federal end odile do show up at wimbledon is the top two seeds and the top two players in the world ten years after they played one of the greatest matches in history in the oh eight final something right up there with borg mcenroe tiebreaker match by the way neither one of them is the most interesting man to me at this wimbledon and that is because it's novak djokovic just two years ago guys it was joker who was number one he held all four majors going into the two thousand and sixteen wimbledon and was halfway to the calendar grand slam and then the bottom fell out for him the way it did for tiger woods ones jovic had elbow problems and marriage problems and hasn't won a major since now he tries to come back and remember something about him he took on federal and the dow who have those thirtyseven majors between them in their primes and beat them both it's only been two years for him since he was number one mary carillo says there are comebacks and there are all the way bax novak djokovic tries to come all the way back at this wimbledon bob ryan once upon a time there was a phenomenon known as to sports off season sport had finished it season it would go dead no news cnn x chair no longer now there are two parts to every sport saga either you're playing games or you're not playing games and when you're not playing games there is now as much news as when you're playing games and a new crop of reporters has risen hi there sheffi and among countless others whose on d'etre is to give us not just minute by minute but second by second update on such things as we agency trades into afs i'm not sure these guys ever actually watch a game of just kidding i know them both the good guys now but you know what i'm talking about with.

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