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Coming up and this is the perfect here counterbalance to the government shutdown thought the government gene this every bit towards thirteen hours in thirty two minutes no dialysis what's coming up your news marshall through looming government shutdown trump hunkering down we got new warnings about the mysterious degenerative brain disease affecting football players and other athletes and fun with bins an event so amazing positive shaab will be booking a flight before the show is over today stories coming up in minutes from now armstrong and getting and there you effectiveness but he affect cheer ristic cognitive fires a lot of people have to call all coming up on the armstrong and get show join the savage nation of hillary clinton had one with the republican congress i think guarantee you she wouldn't have been able to getting to get away with this they would've scream bloody murder the very same rhinos who was throwing those of us who support the whole economy would be saying auto are socialist hillary's a communist hillary's a marxist hillary's this hillary's that but the rhinos did it to screw those of us who support the whole economy michael savage gives one to four on eight sixty kkat talk radio without polls at least sixty kk 18 right now traffic good morning from the advocates traffic center.

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