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Did you see Bob euchre's hall of fame speech when he got the Ford Frick award? Think did you gotta go watch this thing. It was hilarious for some reason. I was watching this game last night. And I just a YouTube Bob euchre who went to a YouTube whole I did and he was given his Ford c Frick award long ago. This would you say, oh man, it was a while ago. But it was it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen at everybody in the audience the entire although hall of famers that were there. Bob Costas looking like he was nineteen years old was twenty years ago thirty years ago. Maybe I don't know. Well, he was hilarious. You gotta watch. It. You gotta watch it. Now what in the seventies? I guess maybe eighty I forget when we checked it a few weeks ago still doing games in the boroughs beating the dodgers four nothing Orlando arsia with a two-run Homer in the seventh inning off of Walker. Buehler who? Yeah. Pitched seven innings about that in a playoff game before nothing. The final has Milwaukee takes to one lead in the NFL here is Craig counsel. He says his team came through like arsia with the homerun leno's always been a guy that you want to put a put a moment on and he certainly came through in the moment. Here's a moment. They key Hernandez is likely going to want to take back at some point. And we'll get to why in just a moment. Here was Hernandez on the atmosphere at Dodger Stadium last night. We had no energy stadium had no one or two hundred or so overall is a pretty bad game for LA every everybody that called himself dodgers. When you directly go after the fans, you're going to get comments like this on Twitter KiKi Hernandez called out the fans in his post game interview. Wow. You guys got shut out on five hundred do your job in the fans will pick you up that was from uncle winkles alkyl WinCo winkles disgraceful comments by Keith Hernandez. Did he want the fans to put a banana suit on and torque like idiots like he does? I'm not sure if that means I actually liked the guy but the players lost this game. That's from bend over bend over. He's back. And there are comment after comment. He just got murdered as you can imagine on social media and never win. When you go after the fans, and then there's the story of US money Grondahl. Now, this is the guy who wanted to chess heightened I'll stand by that. But he's not having a great postseason. He's having trouble blocking balls like someone else, we might know in this area. He last night missed one led to a run. He said quote after the game. I think it's driving. You guys more nuts than it's driving me. Not a great cowboy seeing the World Series. Yeah. That's tough ones. So he's not going to start tonight Astros Red Sox game three of the series tied. One one Dallas kaikal takes Nathan evolved. The first pitch five oh nine twenty eighteen NBA season begins tonight. Sixers and Celtics in Boston warriors and thunder Golden State. That's got the double header tomorrow in it's opening Detroit. Knicks we'll opening it's the hawks.

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