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In northern Kentucky. A child is admitted into the I. C u after being hit by a vehicle or Langer Police are asking for the public's help after an eight year old was struck by a car Friday afternoon about 4 30. In the 600 block of Stevenson Road. The child was taken by helicopter to the hospital in Fox 19 reports the child was in the I C u in critical condition. Even though the driver who struck the child did not leave the scene and is reportedly cooperating with the police. Erlanger PT still wants anybody who saw what happened. To call them. I'm Matt Reese News radio 700 wlw. Ohio's cover 19 cases remain high is 2148 were announced by the State Department of Health today. Governor Mike DeWine making a stop at Cincinnati's Duncan Airports, will address the situation the states currently facing, he says people cannot relax mask wearing in public another guidelines that help to keep infections down at other points. Of the ongoing pandemic. We know what works. There's absolutely no doubt what works. It's keeping a distance wearing a mask. We can go about our business. We could enjoy life. But way have to wear a mask. But we're in a critical time now. So this is the third time where we've got to step up. 86 2 hospitalizations 15 new I seeyou admissions and 16 New Despereaux also reported right now Ohio has 29 counties under Red Level three, which means there was a very high exposure and spread of the Corona virus Happening. Hamilton Bowler and Warren counties are in the red here in the Tri state. New cover 19 cases staying above 1000 in Kentucky. In a video posted to his Facebook page Friday afternoon, Governor Bashir reported 1319 new cases of covert 19 189 of them in Children, 18 and under. It brings our total number of cases in the Commonwealth to 85,056. Since this pandemic first began our positivity rates. It's at 4.7% this year reported four new deaths, raising the total 2 1300, Kentucky. Ines lost to the virus. I'm Suzanne Duval College football number It uses game A Tulsa Saturday has been postponed due to cover 19 cases that you see it will be made up on December 12th American Athletic Conference action going on tonight. Currently number 14 B y. U is Houston is leading number 14 BYU at this 140.17 14 with just under two minutes left to go until halftime as BYU tries to go in for a score. And earlier tonight number 17 s m u edges out to Lane and overtime 37 34 MLB poses in action. The Houston Astros down three games to none in the American League Championship Series, have been able to force a game seven tonight in Game six. They beat the Tampa Bay Rays. 7 to 4. Game seven happening tomorrow night. First pitch this after a 30 from San Diego. If used to wear to win Saturday, they would become only the second team in major league baseball to ever come back and win a best of seven. Siri's of trailing 30, the only other team to do that. 2004 Boston Red Sox Game five of the National League Championship Series currently happening right now and in the fifth inning at last Check the Atlanta Braves leading the Los Angeles Dodgers by a score of 2 to 1. The Braves can lock up the Alpen over the wind tonight. Our necks updated 11 30. I'm Sean Gallagher news radio 700 wlw. If you think we're just four.

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