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You just need to talk to you. The celtics. Going to finish the class. Over the last three years. Well, what about what about the last three years? Sure. Faceless. Steven. How? Newbie? Running around. That was Gordon Hayward and his wife famous Patrick like I said he plays for the Celtics. So it's a Pat. Whether not snowing here, but up of north Ogden, Weaver Davis counties. It's it's snowing. In fact, I got an alert from the Ogden school district all school locations will operate their normal schedule today travel with caution those students will not be marked tardy during the first period. Due to the weather some school buses may be delayed this morning due to conditions parents should monitor students until the bus arrives. Don't kick them out the door and knock keep. And yet all the traffic. I'm seeing is mostly issues up in Weaver county crash northbound fifteen twenty four th street twenty ninth street twenty first street all through there must be must be bad crash. US one eighty nine. Milepost thirteen..

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