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All of a sudden there's this big bang noise and i start crying i think the cops are shooting at us it was a balloon someone had popped the balloon we were safe but when the door opened there with the cops and they took my dad away and it was absolutely terrifying for me my mom knew what to do because she had been there when lenny and my dad had been arrested in nineteen sixty one and you know she knew to go get a civil rights attorney and so i spent the weekend with the promoters family and my mom spent the weekend getting my dad jail which the course i think the court threw it out i think you know it was like they gave him a small fine for like you know disturbing the peace or something like that so this is the this is the interesting thing too is that you mentioned just kind of toss it off but i want to go back to that the that famous incident where your dad got arrested with lenny bruce lenny he wasn't particularly i mean i think i'll clean up his language i think he called your dad like an idiot for being willing to get arrested get thrown into the patty wagon when he didn't have to be called it a schmuck he did that's all was okay there was an f word in there with schmuck somewhere but my mom my mom bailed them out that week weekend you know she's down the patty wagon in chicago and she was there was he wasn't doing the he was doing the fm which is interesting he was just idolizing lenny zero six one this is on my dad's career he's not even really anybody yet at this point he's completely idolizing lennie lennie had gotten him a manager at that point and had seen him do some work down at the bitter end or something like that in new york and yeah and basically how that went down was the cops.

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