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Tigers, Jon Schreiber, Dan Gladden discussed on 830 WCCO 24 Hour News


For the Tigers a big Dan Gladden fan this is right hander Jon Schreiber back up from triple a today was September roster expansions driver appeared in two games the Tigers back in August and one pitcher rubble the short this is played by Castro takes a step back fields and throws up McGill won out Justin Bieber lander just threw his third career no hitter as the Astros V. Toronto to nothing and how do you know that he did that I was watching it multi tasking glad multi tasking looking up info on John Schreiber and trying to follow the small history today in Canada strike John Lewis and ice is it a good day on three times to put three a double a single two runs wonder if they're going to show the video the highlight on the video board here you know in between innings coming up be a tiger I would you know I would only go Berliner when he goes in the hall of fame will be a tiger that's not true that could be fake news one one is fall back if he's going in as an astro he won a World Series but everything else everything yeah but now it now there's been guys been going in without a hat on they they don't represent a team I I think of didn't really holiday he Toronto he didn't go relator at such a long awesome run here M. V. P. sure want to count as a dis bounces falloff is what six two twins here in the seventh it was Halliday it's somebody else did not wear a hat whose recent though to ray I was there last few years yeah but he's not done he still wasn't Andre Dawson was you know what it might have been because he was with Montreal and the and the cubs kind of tough one two pitch outside to our eyes to know to two counts wins at a four run lead here in seven did you find that the would Jeter hinterland area so we were talking about memorabilia the the German given up the ball it Garber hit for the new record as a rise since one fell only one was Garber autograph bald headed Matthew boy autograph see here with Jeter I think you just gave it back to pulling up the story from the New York Post in July twenty eleven yeah wasn't is lifted a right shall array is coming in now going back in makes the cap high tensions that eyes lines out to right wasn't his three thousandth hit a home run Megan was on David price yeah rays Yankees game day game in the Bronx in July the twenty eleven season said the Yankees the gentleman who called the ball the Yankees did not pressure me to give the ball back to junior I just really wanted to give it back for everything the guy's done for us is J. K. bats and is beyond a strike call here Jake said a good day to for three two singles to not Dan and a run scored now the ones outside twins every four run lead here in the seven Tampa Bay now leads the Indians five to one that gave the eighth inning Sam Dyson now warming the twins will pencil Pineda likely done in the one one is a fast ball on the outside corner delayed strike to call as one to Kenya I hope they do come to show that last out on the video board here and there was big celebration I couldn't tell and I heard moving storage they they they stormed the field one two pitches outside really under thirty six years old his third no hitter Houston one to nothing now the two to pitch sway gonna miss strike three on a high curve balls two strikes out in the review Jon drivers third big league game as a one two.

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Tigers, Jon Schreiber, Dan Gladden discussed on 830 WCCO 24 Hour News

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