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Gunfire on the west side of the city. Gunfire killed. At least five people wounded dozens more this weekend in Chicago. This is ABC News. Homo news. 1000 FM 97 7. Good afternoon is to 31. I'm Kelly Bleyer with the top local stories from the comb. Oh 24 7 News Center right now. Tacoma Police are investigating after two men were shot early this morning. They responded to the shooting at an Econolodge on South Hosmer Street. They found a 23 year old man at Ming Palace, just north of the hotel with critical but non life threatening injuries to say another 32 year old man was taken to the hospital. In a personal vehicle. He also has critical but non life threatening injuries. Police said that shooting started as an argument. So far. No arrests have been made. The FBI is helping Portland Police investigate the latest round shootings in Portland this weekend. The city's police chief says the cycle of violence is gang related. At least two shootings occurred over Saturday and Sunday. A crash overnight and Pierce County sends five people to the hospital. Four of them are in critical condition. The crash happened along Grandview Drive West and Olympic Dr Weston University Place Crusade. It took some serious work to get People out of the vehicle and 16 people are displaced tonight after a fire in an apartment building in Everett. Two men were also hurt. One man was taken to the hospital after being exposed to smoke and other was treated at the scene. Fire happened around 3 40 this morning at the hangar. 1 28 Apartments on Eighth Avenue Eat west. The Snohomish County Fire Marshal says the fire was started by accident likely by combustibles too close to a heater. Three other units had smoke and water damage. A deadly condo fire in west Seattle claims the life of Seattle City Council president Lorena Gonzalez, his mother in law. Gonzales lives in the same building, but her condo wasn't damaged in the fire that started in her mother in law's unit Comas. Nick Pop him talk with a nearby nurse who ran inside to try and save her. We were able to get in and I found the woman unresponsive on the ground. We learned from a tweet from Seattle City Council president Lorena Gonzalez that the unresponsive woman was her mother in law, Mary Lou Williams, and as much as the nurse and the other person tried to save her. William sadly, died after suffering significant injuries from the fire. In a statement, Gonzales said, in part quote, our loss is unimaginable. We appreciate your understanding. As we embark on our journey to grieve and celebrate the life and memory of one of our matriarchs are sweet Mary Lou, I'm really sorry for the family's loss and just so unfortunate. I wish that Don't hit happened. Seattle Fire says The cause of the fire appears to be an accident from.

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