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The stay at home concert that lady Gaga curated ladder here and I think some of the performances were really just shockingly great just on piano I've got to be great you know what it is Victoria is the real talent I guess I really have talent exactly you didn't see anybody on the aliens even L. ice sorry heater rob Michael do you add Farid yeah thanks in giving hearing we're going to keep moving here Jackson brown up next who has unveiled a new song called down hill from everywhere and that today's for Earth Day which is Wednesday song will be released as a single parent with his recent track a little too soon to say as the B. side of the record both included in his upcoming studio album I will be out next October rather working on down here from everywhere for the past ten years songs featured in the documentary the story of plastic which is gonna premiere on the Discovery Channel honored yeah that would be something we all watch well what do you think that's going to yeah that's going to be different pricing yes well aid the courting to the info from Jackson Browne the film details the plastic crisis the pollution all over the world the effect it's having on the planet it's only for us to be aware of now I think way back in June of all this stuff Jackie brown is a member of the executive vice reward on the plastic pollution coalition an allowance that strives for a future free of plastic plastic is a great and really useful thing he says but it's absurd that we use it to deliver things just to deliver water for example the people and packaging that stuff we are have a hundreds of years doesn't biodegrade so this moment as they got a lot of attention a lot of support it's obvious that it's a big problem it is anyway this song inspired by Dr Paul Ehrlich's eco catastrophe a book from sixty nine to get inspired the classics are before the to lose he says it'll blow your mind how prophetic it is best describes a way in which all this function of our society compounds it starts to unravel and I'm not one of these people was burning air bad because you do this now just figure out a way of fixing the problem never mind the blame the blame doesn't do a damn thing doesn't fix anything so we know we're there we know what we're living with we know what we're doing so if you feel like I do in most other people do have a brain and a conscience then you want to do something to fix it and you'll be listening carefully to people with different ideas and a lot of will come out under state issue that's my prediction anyway it's twenty nine FE are you listening to today's TV show hire.

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