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The outbound Kennedy Dan Ryan, seeing delays between the Stevenson and down town express lanes inbound also from Pershing Road on in on the Dan Ryan. Forecast now from the W G in Chicago Weather Center Who's my camera? Nick? Sunny to partly cloudy, warm and muggy on this Saturday. Some scattered afternoon storms, mainly mid to late afternoon storms possible. Look for high video degrees Southwest winds of 72 18. A strong cold front approaches tonight. That'll set off some strong to severe storms, if not over Chicago, the nearby Otherwise. Partly cloudy attorney cooler with a low of 66 for tomorrow. Partly cloudy, breezy, much cooler and less humid, Slight chance for a shower. I've only 77 Monday partly cloudy 80 for 78 at the beaches Tuesday. Partly sunny, warmer high 88. Get on Wednesday, warm and humid with a chance of storms and high of 89 from the WG and Weather Center. My camera Five people, including a 15 year old boy had been killed in separate shootings from Friday afternoon into early today, police said. The boy was in the street in the Jeffrey Manor neighborhood on the south side when a vehicle pulled up yesterday afternoon and someone inside fired a gun hitting the Tina in the back. A total of 22 people, including the five killed had been wounded by gunfire by early this afternoon. No arrests have been announced. Florida set a one week record of nearly 500 confirmed Corona virus deaths. The state health departments reported 96 new deaths today. Florida's governor is raising concern. Governor Rhonda Santis on Saturday touted the state's testing,.

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