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Rain could be on the way, but certainly not over the next handful of days. And right now it's 60 degrees, and it's six after six o'clock, Kentucky's attorney general announced yesterday that a grand jury had brought no charges against police officers for the killing of Briana Taylor. 26 year old black emergency medical technician who was shot multiple times by police who burst into her home while looking for her ex boyfriend in a drug investigation. They had a no knock warrant and tenders. Boyfriend, Kenneth Walker said that he fired his licensed gun once at police after they were woken up from their slumber, believing that they were intruders. Taylor was killed Walker injured in the Valley of return fire, but attorney general there, Daniel Cameron said the investigation showed that the officers announced themselves before breaking in, even though they had that no, not warrant. And that they acted in self defense. Walker has said that they did not hear the officers announcing themselves. Now. The only charges announced by Cameron yesterday were three counts of wanton endangerment against fired officer Brett Hand, Casson For a shooting into a home that was next to tailors and had people inside. Camryn, a Republican who is himself black, choked up and said, quote My heart breaks for the loss of Miss Taylor. My mother, if something was to happen to me would find it very hard. But he also stated criminal law is not meant to respond to every sorrow and grief. An attorney for Taylor's family, by the name of Ben Crump called the decision outrageous and offensive. The city last week settled a lawsuit against three officers brought by Taylor's mom agreeing to pay $12 million terror and enact police reforms to the grand jury yesterday brings no charges against officers and Briana Taylor's death and you can imagine Now there's not a lot of happy people when it came to that decision, including protesters in Providence, who blocked a traffic I 95 rampant Providence after that decision came down Rob Nesbitt from 12 News with that story..

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